Do Boxers Shed?

While growing up, I always wanted a dog, but allergies prevented me from getting one.

I realized that most dogs shed, and yes, this is just something we have to deal with.

Recently, my friend got a boxer.

This dog is almost like a toddler but on four legs; it’s playful, very active, and tends to be sweet.

The chance to train it appealed to me, as I’ve always wanted one.

However, online research revealed there was controversy over whether boxers shed.

So, let me shed some light on this issue.

So, do Boxers shed?

Yes, Boxers are average shedders.

When most dogs shed their old coats for new ones in the spring and fall, Boxers will experience a moderate shedding rate.

While many dogs have so much loose hair all year round, Boxers don’t usually have that much unless they’ve recently molted.

In addition, you can reduce the amount of hair they shed with good grooming.

This article will discuss whether or not boxers shed and how often they do so.

In addition, it’ll give a glimpse into what factors can affect your dog’s shedding and how you can manage it. 

How often Do Boxers Shed?

Boxers have very thick coats, so they shed quite a bit.

This is especially pronounced when their coats go through a molting period in springtime.

In other words, they shed naturally throughout the year.

As the season changes from winter to summer, their coats also do the same, and a new one grows in their place. 

Boxers shed when their new coat develops, so you’ll notice more shedding around springtime.

You may also see a lot more hair around your home during this time. 

This breed may have more dander than usual as they shed.

Dander is dead skin cells and debris that get stuck in a dog’s fur and make it look like they have a lot more hair than there is.

It may seem like your Boxer sheds more than they do when this occurs.

If you’re worried about how much dander they leave behind, speak to your veterinarian about reducing it.

If a medical condition causes Fido’s excessive shedding, your vet can offer treatment options.

Do Boxers Shed

Why Boxers May Shed Excessively?

Boxers have thick coats that shed moderately.

However, their shedding can sometimes be excessive.

So what might cause them to shed so much?

Here are some of the reasons:


Genetics can play a role in how much a Boxer sheds.

Some Boxers are genetically predisposed to having thick or thin coats, which will impact how much fur they shed. 

Some Boxers’ coat color can also affect how much they shed.

Their coats come in many different shades, from light red to dark brindle (a mix of brown and black).

Generally, darker coats shed less than lighter ones.

Thus, your Boxer’s genetics may make them prone to shedding more than other dogs.

Local Climate

Living in an area with harsh winters or summers could affect how much a Boxer sheds during those seasons.

For instance, suppose you live in Florida, where it’s humid the whole year with no seasons.

In that case, your Boxer will shed at a lower rate than those in Colorado, where they have four distinct seasons every year.

Furthermore, if you live in a humid or hot climate, your dog’s coat may matte or dry out too quickly.

Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition can also cause your Boxer to shed excessively.

For instance, without enough nutrients, their hair could become dry and brittle, breaking off easily when brushed or groomed.

Health Issues

Sometimes, there are underlying health issues that can cause excessive shedding.

For instance, Boxers with allergies or infections shed more as part of their immune system’s response to combat invaders.

The same thing happens if they have an autoimmune disease like lupus or arthritis. 

Those conditions cause inflammation throughout the body, leading to increased shedding.

A dog with itchy skin scratches more often than usual.

Signs that Something is Wrong During your Boxer’s Shedding

Shedding is a normal part of boxer life, but there can be signs that indicate something is wrong.

Check your dog with the vet if any of these symptoms appear:


When your Boxer is shedding, you may notice patches of missing fur and bald spots on their skin.

It’s normal for them to shed their fur in the spring and fall when body temperature changes.

However, excessive balding can be alarming.


If your dog starts to scratch frequently, that could indicate a skin condition such as mange mites or ringworm.

It could also be allergies or fleas, or even stress.

This can lead to more shedding.

Unusual Behavior

You may notice Fido behaving differently, such as when they whine more than usual.

It could indicate pain or discomfort from an underlying medical condition.

When fleas or ticks bite into their skin, they can irritate it, causing itching and discomfort.

More shedding may result from this.

How to Reduce Shedding in Boxer Dogs?

As with most large breeds, the Boxer also sheds.

While it may be impossible to control how much they shed, you can do certain things to ensure less of it falls to the floor.

Here are some tips that can help you control their shedding:

Brushing Regularly

Brushing your Boxer at least once a week will help remove loose hair and distribute oils evenly through their coat.

This helps reduce shedding and makes your dog’s coat look shiny and healthy.

It’ll also prevent tangles from forming.

Brush them at least once every other day with a slicker brush or de-matting tool.

Bathing them

Bathing your Boxer at least once a month helps remove loose hair and reduce shedding since they will be less oily afterward.

It also helps prevent matting and keep their coats clean and free of dirt or mud that could cause skin irritations or infections.

While bathing them, use shampoos formulated for dogs’ skin and fur types.

Providing a Nutritious and Quality Diet

Boxers require high-quality nutrition to maintain healthy skin and hair coats.

A diet rich in protein like chicken or lamb and omega-3 fatty acids will likely decrease their dander and skin problems.

In addition, they need supplemental vitamins and minerals such as biotin and vitamin B12 to reduce shedding.

How to Reduce Shedding in Boxer Dogs?

As with most large breeds, the Boxer also sheds.
While it may be impossible to control how much they shed, you can do certain things to ensure less of it falls to the floor.


So, are Boxers shedders?

Most certainly, they shed more during the spring and fall months when most dogs molt.

Though shedding is a part of life with any pet, some breeds shed more often than others.

That said, it’s possible to keep tabs on your Boxer’s coat to minimize shedding to a reasonable level.

With proper grooming, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of hair they shed.

For example, brush and wash regularly and feed them a quality diet to make their ownership more enjoyable.

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