Meet Daisy, our special old girl who stole our hearts the moment we saw her. My partner and I found her at a shelter and couldn’t resist taking her home, even though we knew of the hardships she was going through. Daisy is blind, deaf, only has a few teeth, and suffers from a chronic skin condition. 

We knew from day one that taking care of Daisy wouldn’t be easy thanks to her myriad of health problems, but it’s so worth it to see her adorable face every day. When she came to us, she was never potty-trained and didn’t understand the concept of leashes.

So, we worked really hard to house-train her (easier said than done for a senior dog who can’t see or hear us) and encouraged a positive association with her leash for endless walkies. 

Speaking of walkies, Daisy is a surprisingly active dog who lives for attention on her walks – despite her age and disabilities. Living with two other dogs has improved her confidence massively, and she’s even gained a fantastic sense of humor. 

Sure, Daisy comes with some downsides. She needs to take eye drops daily (which she doesn’t enjoy at all), her vet bills rack up rather high, and she still struggles with separation anxiety when we leave her alone in the house.

Regardless, Daisy has been the perfect addition to our family, and we hope to give her the best last few years possible.