Meet Cherri, my Miniature Chinese Shar-Pei best friend. I’ve had Cherri for the last 6 years, but unfortunately the last few years have proved to be a challenge for my girl.

When she turned 4 years old, she started to become clumsier than usual, walking into and stumbling over furniture, toys, trees, humans, and even dogs. 

When I took Cherri to the vets, she was diagnosed with glaucoma. The last two years have consisted of endless procedures, surgeries, eye drops, and medication, but I came to the conclusion that it would be kinder to relieve her from the pain by removing her sight.

She became completely blind when she was almost 5. 

While this could come across as a sad story, Cherri made sure I was never upset about that decision. Sure, it took us both a while to adjust to her new life, but the patience was worth it.

Cherri is living proof of how adaptable dogs can be – within two weeks she had gone from slowly walking up and down the driveway to trotting around our local park like she owns the place!

Of course, I’m far more conscientious about Cherri after she lost her eyesight. I’m constantly watching out for potential hazards that could cause further injury, but as she trusts me wholeheartedly, those hazards are yet to occur.