Can German Shepherds Eat Apples?

Aside from their sturdy bodies and high level of intelligence, German Shepherds are famous for their willingness to eat almost everything.

Therefore, it’s understandable for you to worry if eating the apples on your counter is safe for them or not.  

So can German Shepherds eat apples?

Yes, apples are nutritious fruits for your german shepherd and would cause them no harm when eaten in moderation.

These fruits are rich in several vitamins and minerals, which are essential for dogs but lack in other foods like meat.

Moreover, apples are safe for all dogs, including those affected by diabetes, because they are low in sugar.

Although apples are not harmful to dogs, it’s crucial to understand their benefits and the right way of feeding your furry friend.

Below is an in-depth look at all that. 


Benefits of apples to German Shepherds

Apples are filled with vitamins, fiber, pectin, and phytochemicals.

The benefits of these nutrients to your furry friend are discussed below:

  • Vitamins

Vitamin K – Essential for promoting blood clotting and nourishing bones

Vitamin A – Crucial for healthy eyes and skin and also enhances growth

Vitamin C – Calm allergies, reduces susceptibility to cancer and maintains solid joints and bones. 

  • Phytochemicals

Apples contain phytochemicals like phloridzin, catechin, quercetin, and chlorogenic acid, which are antioxidants.

These enhance dogs’ immune systems and improve their resistance to cancer.

  • Fiber

Fiber has a couple of benefits to dogs: regulating blood sugar levels, promoting their digestive system, enhancing nutrient absorption, and weight loss. 

  • Pectin

This soluble fiber is known for suppressing and treating severe health conditions like colon cancer in dogs.

It also regulates blood sugar and fat levels in your four-legged friend’s body. 

Chewing on apples cleans your german shepherd’s teeth and kills the bad breath bacteria in their mouths, promoting good general dental health in these canines. 

German Shepherds

How to feed apples to German Shepherds

You should follow the following simple guidelines when feeding your furry friend apples to avoid causing them any health complications. 

  • Wash apples – This process is crucial to remove the pesticides on the fruit as they could cause severe health conditions in these canines. 
  • Check if your german shepherd is allergic – When introducing German Shepherds to apples, start with tiny pieces and watch out for any allergic reactions before proceeding. 
  • Avoid feeding them whole apples – Whole apples are known to choke dogs. Thus cut the apple into small pieces before feeding them to avoid such incidents. 
  • Remove core and seeds – These contain a compound known as cyanide which is toxic to German Shepherds. Although ingesting it in small amounts isn’t fatal, it’s best to avoid feeding any of it to your furry friend. 
  • Feed them in small portions – Your german shepherd might have difficulty digesting large amounts of apples as they are fiber dense. It’s advisable to feed them smaller pieces severally during the day and not one large apple at once. 
  • Avoid peeling the apple – It’s not that peeling apples before feeding your german shepherd is harmful; however, most of the apple’s nutrients are found in their skin. In this regard, feed your furry friend unpeeled apples to benefit from all the fruit’s health benefits

How many apples should my german shepherd have?

You may be tempted to feed your german shepherd a couple of apples severally because of their benefits, but please avoid doing that.

It’s easy for these dogs to get bored of the fruit if it’s given to them in large amounts and thus miss out on its benefits in the long run.

German Shepherds also have difficulty digesting large amounts of apples as they are rich in fiber.

Therefore, these canines should have at least a couple of apple pieces occasionally during the day to stay healthy and not lose interest in the fruit. 

How to keep your German shepherd’s apples fresh

Ingesting rotten or moldy apples can be fatal for your german shepherd because it leads to severe conditions like mycotoxin poisoning.

To always give your German shepherd a healthy and fresh apple snack, there are a couple of guidelines you should follow.

These include: 

  • Only buy firm apples to avoid them getting bad fast
  • Always store apples in a sealed container
  • Check for the expiration date on the apple packaging to avoid feeding your furry friend bad apples
  • Throw out all the brown apples; Never feed them to your furry friend as they can lead to health complications in these canines.

What other fruits can German Shepherds eat?

Although apples are filled with a lot of essential nutrients for dogs, it’s advisable to occasionally switch them to some other dog-friendly fruits, which include:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberries
  • Peach
  • Mangoes without the pit and skin
  • Pineapple
  • Pears
  • Papaya

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can my german shepherd eat apple pie? 

German Shepherds can consume apple pies if only made with apples, cinnamon, and sugar.

However, if the pie contains any other ingredients, avoid feeding it to your dog, as some of these additives may be harmful to them. 

Can my german shepherd take apple juice?

These canines are not allowed to indulge in apple juice.

This drink has high amounts of sugars, leading to diabetes in dogs. 

Is apple sauce safe for my german shepherd?

You can sprinkle some of the apple sauce you made at home with dog-safe ingredients into your german shepherd’s meals.

However, avoid feeding your furry friend any store-bought apple sauce because they may contain ingredients that could harm them. 

Are apple alcoholic beverages dog safe?

Under no circumstances should you give your german shepherd a sip of an apple alcoholic beverage.
This drink is toxic to dogs, even when ingested in small amounts.
The ethanol in apple alcoholic beverages causes intoxication in dogs, and its symptoms include excessive panting, seizures, disorientation, or even death. 

To Wrap Up 

Apples are a great alternative to processed treats for your german shepherd.

Provided you follow the information and guidelines above, your furry friend can comfortably indulge in this inexpensive and nutritional snack occasionally without suffering any dire consequences.

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