Can Dogs Have Fruit Snacks?

Let’s face it; children fancy fruit snacks just as much as they enjoy sharing food with their furry friends.

Therefore, the chances of your dog indulging in these snacks whenever they are hanging out with kids are pretty high.

Although these gummies are harmless to kids, you can never be sure if your dog will respond to them in the same way or not. 

So can dogs have fruit snacks?


It’s unsafe for these canines to indulge in fruit snacks because they contain high amounts of sugar, which could lead to diabetes.

They also have excess calories and other toxic ingredients like blue 1 and red 40  that could cause your pooch to suffer from cancer. 

Herein is an explanation of what makes fruit snacks toxic to dogs and healthier alternative treats for your four-legged friend

fruit snacks

Main ingredients in fruit snacks

The main ingredients in fruit snacks include: 

  • Fruit puree – Although fresh fruit puree is nutrient-rich and not toxic to dogs, the ones in fruit snacks are made from fruit concentrates hence harmful to these canines. Fruit concentrates lack the nutrients in fresh fruit like fiber making this puree non-beneficial too. 
  • Corn syrup – Corn syrup is made from either fructose or glucose, thus full of sugar which causes diabetes in dogs.
  • Modified corn starch – It’s low in nutritional value as the starch is processed, making it useless in dogs’ bodies. 
  • Sugar – One pouch of fruit snacks has 11grams of sugar, making them toxic to your furry friend. Excess sugar leads to dental problems, weight gain, and hormonal imbalance in dogs. 

Toxic additives in fruit snacks

Aside from the main ingredients, fruit snacks contain various additives to improve their taste and look.

Some of these additives are toxic to dogs, and they include:

  • Artificial sweeteners and preservatives – These cause detrimental health effects to dogs. For instance, one of the artificial sweeteners, xylitol, causes liver failure, seizures, or death in these canines. 
  • Artificial coloring – The most used artificial colors in fruit snacks include annatto, red 40, and blue 1. Annato causes seizures in dogs, while red 40 and blue 1 will make your pup susceptible to contracting cancer. 
  • Excess sugar – The high sugar concentration in fruit snacks may cause your pup to contract diabetes which can be fatal.
  • Citric acid – These colorful gummies contain high acid levels that lead to dental problems like enamel erosion in dogs. 
  • Excess calories – Being calorie-high, excess intake of fruit snacks also guarantees unhealthy weight gain or obesity in dogs. 
  • Milk and soy allergens – If your furry best friend ingests these treats in large amounts, they may be prone to allergic reactions, and some of the symptoms include swelling and anaphylactic shock. 

Healthy fruit snacks alternatives for dogs

If your pooch enjoys fruits and vegetables, always choose natural and fresh variants instead of fruit snacks.

Some of these are:

  • Carrots – These are high in vitamins and enhance dogs’ dental health. Thus, feed them carrots instead of destroying your dog’s teeth with fruit snacks. 
  • Watermelon – Aside from hydrating dogs on hot days, this fruit is rich in essential nutrients like potassium and vitamins A, C, and B6.
  • Strawberries – Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C. They will also improve your four-legged friend’s immune system. 
  • Pineapples – Their pleasant taste makes them the best option to satisfy dogs’ sweet cravings instead of fruit snacks. They also have high amounts of fiber, improving these canines’ digestive systems and promoting protein absorption. 

Simple healthy blueberry fruit snacks recipe for dogs

Blueberries are low-calorie treats for your furry best friend.

They are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins K and C.

Therefore, including them in dogs’ meals promotes their immune systems, thus improving their general health.

Below is a recipe that includes them in your canine’s meals as a healthy fruit snack.


½ cup of water

½ cup of fresh blueberries

6 Tbsp. of unflavoured gelatin


  • Blend the water and blueberries until pureed
  • Prepare gelatin following package instructions
  • Add blueberry puree to gelatin
  • Stir until well mixed
  • Empty the mixture into small molds
  • Place molds in freezer until set
  • Serve

Poisonous fruit snack flavors for dogs

If you can’t resist their pleas and might give in to feeding your pooch these snacks, there are a couple of flavors they should never have.

These include grape, strawberry, and red fruit snacks.

This is because they contain grape puree, which is hazardous to dogs. 

Some of the Welch’s fruit snacks flavors that also contain this toxic ingredient and should not be fed to dogs consist of: 

  • Superfruit mix
  • Citrus medley
  • Mixed fruit
  • Apple orchard
  • Island fruits

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can my dog eat Welch’s fruit snacks?

You should not feed your pup these treats as their high amounts of sugar cause diarrhea in dogs.

On the other hand, gelatin, a significant ingredient in Welch’s fruit snacks, can be difficult for these canines to digest. 

Can my dog have a gummy fruit snack?

Under no circumstance should dogs eat these gummies because they could lead to choking.

These treats also have toxic ingredients that lead to stomach upsets in dogs. 

Are mott’s fruit snacks safe for my dog?

Avoid feeding dogs mott’s fruit snacks as they have excessive amounts of sugar and corn syrup which is harmful to them. 

Can dogs have fruit gushers? 

Dogs are not allowed to eat fruit gushers.

Although ingesting them in small portions isn’t harmful, these canines should never eat these treats as they have citric acid, which is toxic.

They also contain gelatin and corn syrup which cause health problems in dogs.

Is sour candy safe for my dog?

Dogs can indulge in this treat if only it’s made from natural sweeteners like honey or cane sugar.

However, avoid feeding them to your pup if they contain any artificial sweeteners. 


Fruit snacks have no nutritional value for dogs and could cause them a lot of harm.

In this regard, never feed them these treats no matter how much they plead with you.

However, you can always opt for healthier alternatives like homemade blueberry fruit snacks or fresh carrots. 

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