Can Dogs Eat Potted Meat? Is It An Ideal Snack?

As a busy dog parent, you’re constantly looking for a convenient, flavorful, yet pocket-friendly quick-fix meal to feed your pup without skipping the nutritional value.

Potted meat can be quite enticing because of its long shelf-life and relatively delicious taste, but is it healthy for your dog?

Can dogs eat potted meat?

Yes, dogs can be fed potted meat, just not in large quantities or regularly.

Potted meat should only be added to your dog’s diet as a supplement but not as a mainstay meal.

If your dog suffers conditions like kidney disease or allergies, avoid offering him canned meat as it may worsen their health.

This article will answer the commonly asked questions about potted meats and their effects on dogs.

It will also look into the potential dangers of potted meat to your dog and why you should only offer it in moderation.

Harmful effects of potted meat for dogs

Although potted meat has a higher protein content and lesser carbohydrates than its dry treats counterparts, it shouldn’t replace your dog’s proper meal.

Some of the ingredients may cause harmful effects on your dog if consumed regularly.

  • Salt – Potted meat contains a lot of salt that can lead to sodium ion poisoning for dogs. If your dog overeats this food, he may experience vomiting, depression, high temperature, diarrhea, seizures, and tremors. In some cases, it might result in death
  • Animal fats – While saturated fats provide the required energy your dog needs, eating foods rich in animal fat like potted meats may result in pancreatitis. Other health risks may include obesity, diabetes mellitus, osteoarthritis, heart disease, and hypertension
  • Preservatives and artificial flavors – Potted meats are packed with preservatives and artificial flavors to extend their shelf life, which may cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs. This may further lead to weight gain and an increased appetite, causing higher blood sugar levels and resistance to insulin
  • High calories – Aging dogs have a higher risk of serious health conditions, and potted meats may threaten their health as they are high on calories and low on nutrients. The best alternative would be feeding your senior dog fresh meat, which contains all the essential nutrients, unlike potted meat
  • Lower nutritional value – If you regularly feed your dog potted meat, it can lead to malnutrition as canned meats have a lower nutritional value than fresh raw or frozen meat. This may also result in nutritional deficiencies in your dog
  • High in sodium – Potted meats have a high sodium content that may cause water retention and dehydration in your dog. This may result in sodium toxicity which presents itself as difficulty in urinating. You should give your dog plenty of water to flush out the sodium content in their system
  • Digestive tract issues – You should only feed your dog potted meat in moderation as a treat as they are not easily digestible for dogs. This may lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and an upset stomach since your dog’s digestive system is sensitive
  • High in sugar – Potted meats contain sugars as additives that may cause mild to severe symptoms like; hyperactivity, irritability, moodiness, agitation, dental cavity, weight gain, obesity, and diabetes
  • Meat allergies – Some dogs may be allergic to meat, especially chicken and beef, which may trigger their allergies. Most potted meat brands do not specify the meat type within the product. As such, if your dog is allergic, it can trigger a reaction in them
  • Garlic and onion – Most potted meat recipes contain garlic and onion to enrich their taste. Garlic and onion are highly toxic to dogs as they contain chemical compounds that damage the red blood cells. This results in anemia which can lead to death if left untreated
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Reasons to not give your dog potted meat

If you feed your dog potted meat regularly, several things could go wrong, including:

  • Unwanted eating habits – Your dog may like potted meats more than other types of food if you allow them to form a staple of your dog’s diet. Alternate between potted meats and other nutritionally balanced food to give your dog the variety required for its healthy growth
  • Indigestion – If your dog eats potted meat too often, he may fall ill because the digestive system cannot properly digest canned foods. Your dog may show symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and bloating
  • Low nutrients – The canning process for potted meats involves cooking at very high temperatures losing all the essential minerals and vitamins. What is left is only calories that have less nutritional value compared to fresh or frozen raw meat
  • Rich in animal fats and salts – Potted meats contain excess salt and fats, which may cause severe health issues,
    especially for dogs with preexisting conditions, puppies, or aged. Some of these health problems include kidney disease, pancreatitis, sodium toxicity, and cardiovascular disease

What happens if a dog eats potted meat? 

The aftermath of a dog consuming potted meat depends on the ingredients used in the recipe, the quantity and frequency, your dog’s size, and overall health.

If your dog eats potted meat in moderation, it probably won’t have worrying side effects, just a mild digestive upset.

However, if your dog eats a significant amount, you should call the vet to avoid severe health issues like intoxication and pancreatitis.

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What should I do if my dog ate potted meat?

If you feed your dog a small amount of potted meat, it probably won’t cause him, provided there are no toxic ingredients in the recipe.

You should expect an upset stomach which should disappear in a day.

However, if symptoms persist, call your vet for further instructions.

If your dog has a preexisting condition like liver or kidney disease, you should rush him to the vet for close monitoring as potted meat may worsen the condition by causing further damage to the kidneys.

In summary

There are plenty of healthier snacks that will contribute to your dog’s overall health without worrying about possible symptoms and dangers.

If your dog can tolerate potted meat, it’s best to feed him in moderation while looking out for any reaction.

Like other processed foods, potted meat shouldn’t be part of your dog’s meal as it doesn’t make for a well-rounded diet.

What should I do if my dog ate potted meat?

If you feed your dog a small amount of potted meat, it probably won’t cause him, provided there are no toxic ingredients in the recipe.
You should expect an upset stomach which should disappear in a day.
However, if symptoms persist, call your vet for further instructions.

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