Can Dogs Eat Pepper Jack Cheese? All You Nneed To Know

You will admit that breaking the habit of nibbling on pepper jack cheese with your furry friend is difficult.

Although you want to keep your dog healthy, you also want him to be happy and enjoy every moment around you.

You may have even used pepper jack cheese as a treat when training or rewarding your dog.

So, can dogs eat pepper jack cheese?

No, dogs can’t eat pepper jack cheese because it contains excessive salt, garlic, and toxic seasonings.

Although these ingredients do not cause any significant adverse effects in humans, they can be lethal in dogs.

This article will look at how pepper jack cheese is made, the ingredients found in it, and alternative dog treats.  

How pepper jack cheese is made

Pepper jack is made from whole Monterey jack cheese.

The Monterey cheese is made spicy by mixing different peppers and seasonings.

That spicy taste is why pepper jack cheese is a popular accompaniment for Mexican dishes.

Pepper jack cheese is put away to age for a few months before being ready for consumption.

pepper jack cheese

Unhealthy pepper jack cheese ingredients

Pepper jack cheese melts easily in the mouth and has a great spicy taste for humans.

However, this cheese does not have the same appealing taste to dogs.

To understand why it is not a good idea to feed your dog pepper jack cheese, consider the following ingredients and their effects on dogs.

Chilies and peppers

Pepper jack cheese owes its extra spicy taste to the blend of chilies that make up its ingredients, including jalapenos, Serrano, habanero, and bell peppers.

The blend of peppers and chilies is hot for most humans.

However, in dogs, the hotness of pepper jack cheese is amplified by its natural taste buds.

Dogs can’t stand spicy foods.

When dogs eat spicy foods, they suffer diarrhea, stomach upset, and vomiting.

So, refrain from giving your dog even a tiny piece of pepper jack cheese.

Garlic or onion powder

Garlic and onion are extremely lethal ingredients for dogs.

Most cheeses contain small amounts of garlic that can be left out on the ingredients list on the packaging.

That is risky because garlic and onion cause adverse health effects on dogs like kidney failure and an attack on red blood cells.

Garlic and onion can be fatal for your dog.


Pepper jack cheese is quite salty, meaning it is high in sodium.

Dogs require small amounts of sodium in their diet every day.

The excess sodium in pepper jack cheese can lead to muscle tremors and seizures in dogs.


Pepper jack cheese is made from majorly curdled milk.

Dogs that are lactose intolerant are allergic to milk products.

Although milk is essentially rich in vitamins and other nutrients, it can make lactose intolerant dogs very sick.

Empty calories

Excess calories are not healthy, and they generally bring about weight gain.

You need to feed your dog foods that have holistic nutritional value.

Excessive weight gain caused by empty calories typically results in heart conditions, diabetes, and other terminal diseases.


Nutmeg can cause minor effects like a stomach upset or adverse conditions like an irritated nervous system.

Nutmeg will make your dog’s blood sugar and adrenaline skyrocket drastically.

Your dog’s adrenaline quickly comes down after a short while.

These drastic effects leave your dog lethargic and depleted.

Dog treat alternatives for pepper jack cheese

You may not get a dog treat that tastes like pepper jack cheese.

However, here are some great dog treats that can replace pepper jack cheese.

Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a favorite among dogs because of its bland taste.

You can put several spoonfuls of cottage cheese in your dog’s bowl to stop him from nibbling at your snacks.

Cottage cheese is also a healthier option because it has significant protein levels and a very low-fat content.

This snack is not for dogs that are lactose intolerant.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is always a dog owner’s stand-by treat.

Dogs love the taste of peanut butter.

It has protein, vitamins, and minerals that promote the general wellness of dogs.

You can use peanut butter to make various dog treats or use it as a topping.

Dog snacks

You can get ready-made dog treats from a pet shop.

Dog snacks are a good way to distract your pet from your plate.

Check the packaging and select the dog treat that has some nutritional value for your dog.

Some treats are tasty and attractive to dogs, but they are full of empty calories.


Can dogs die from pepper jack cheese?

Yes, dogs can die from overeating pepper jack cheese.

The ingredients in pepper jack cheese, like salt and dairy products, can lead to adverse health problems like pancreatitis or lactose intolerance in dogs.

If you do not seek medical help in good time, your dog might die.

What should I do if my dog overeats pepper jack cheese?

If your dog overeats pepper jack cheese, consult a vet immediately.

The vet will determine whether your dog can handle the effects or not.

If they are fine, the vet will administer a laxative to help the dog pass out the pepper jack cheese.

Can puppies eat pepper jack cheese?

No, puppies should not eat pepper jack cheese.
A puppy’s digestive system is not able to break down cheese.
Pepper jack cheese also contains garlic and other spices that a puppy can’t stand.


After weighing the pros and the cons, it is safer not to give your dog pepper jack cheese.

Small amounts of toxic ingredients can cause fatal effects on your dog.

The wise thing is to find alternative treats that your dog will love with this consideration in mind.

Some of the adverse effects of eating pepper jack cheese are long-term.

Even though you have not noticed any bad symptoms in your dog, it is safer not to feed them pepper jack cheese.

You may discover the adverse health effects on your dog when the damage is irreversible.

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