Can Dogs Eat Corn Tortillas? Are They Healthy For Canine Consumption?

Corn tortillas are the most likable snacks for most people but are they safe to share with your dog?

Feeding your dog tiny amounts of corn tortillas once in a while can be pretty safe but should not replace his proper meal as they’re empty calories.

Can dogs eat corn tortillas?

Yes, dogs can have plain corn tortillas in moderation, especially if they’re allergic to gluten, as they are gluten-free and easier to digest.

However, you should only give corn tortillas in moderation as they provide little to no nutritional value.

This article will provide information about corn tortillas and their effects on dogs so that you can make an informed decision before feeding your dog.

It will also help you decide how much is enough for your dog according to his needs.

Can dogs eat corn tortillas

Are corn tortillas harmful to dogs?

If consumed in large amounts, corn tortillas may be toxic to your dog but not poisonous unless your dog has a previous or current health condition like diabetes or heart-related issues.

Some of the harmful effects of corn tortillas for dogs include:

  • Obesity – Generally, vets recommend that treats should not form more than 10% of your dog’s daily calories. Overfeeding your dog with corn tortillas can lead to rapid weight gain, which causes diabetes. Corn tortillas have high amounts of minerals and fats and should not be a healthy routine meal for your dog
  • Pancreatitis – Corn tortillas contain amylase and xylanase enzymes used to enhance their textural shelf-life, which can be harmful to your dog. When your dog feeds on excess amounts of corn tortillas, it can lead to pancreatitis due to the increased levels of these enzymes
  • Diabetes – Corn tortillas contain sugar which is unhealthy for dogs as it may cause diabetes which shortens your dog’s lifespan. If your dog consumes foods with excess sugar like corn tortillas, they may present symptoms like hyperactivity, agitation, bloodshot eyes, and increased blood sugar levels
  • Heart diseases – Corn tortillas have high amounts of calories, lipids, and saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, which adds pressure to your dog’s heart valves, causing heart diseases. For older and inactive dogs, the risk may be higher as their metabolism is slower
  • Upset stomach – The corn tortilla dough contains yeast that may cause your dog’s stomach to bloat, leading to vomiting, diarrhea, and an upset stomach. If the corn tortillas are stuffed with cheese, oils, garlic, and onions, these ingredients may also be toxic to your dog’s sensitive system
  • Allergies – Corn tortillas contain allergens such as artificial preservatives or wheat grains that may trigger an allergic reaction in your dog, including itchy skin, gastrointestinal issues, or ear infections. Make sure your dog is not allergic before giving him corn tortillas as some dogs may present cereal sensitivities
  • Dehydration – Corn tortillas are high in salt, which is harmful to dogs. The high sodium levels in salt lead to dehydration, resulting in kidney failure. This is because your dog’s kidneys will be required to work extra hard to flush out the excess salts

Can dogs eat corn tortilla wraps?

Yes, dogs can eat homemade tortilla wraps in moderation, as the store-bought ones may contain harmful ingredients for your dog.

Plain wraps should not cause alarm, but rather the fillings inside the wrap that may be harmful, like onions, garlic, spicy peppers, or extra oils.

How much corn tortillas can my dog eat?

Offering him corn tortillas in moderation might not affect his health for a dog with an active lifestyle.

If your dog is energetic and stays in shape, burning the extra calories is easy, unlike if he’s sedentary.

If your dog doesn’t exercise regularly, feeding him corn tortillas may be hazardous.

Avoid giving your dog corn tortillas, especially if his metabolic rate is slow, as it will be unhealthy for him.

For an older dog, it’s normal for him to develop certain food allergies as they age, like grain.

Similarly, eating high-calorie diets may also be toxic for their sensitive stomach.

Can puppies eat corn tortillas?

Yes, puppies can nibble on a few crumbs of corn tortillas in moderation without causing harm to them.

However, you need to watch your puppy as they may choke on the corn kernels.

That said, keep in mind that puppies need a well-balanced diet, and corn tortillas should not form a staple of their diet as they’re at a growing stage of development. 

Are corn tortillas healthy for dogs?

If you love giving your dog a bite of what you eat, you’re probably wondering if your canine friend can safely enjoy corn tortillas.
The first step is understanding the common ingredients used and if they’re healthy for your pup.
These ingredients include:
Corn flour
Corn kernels
Amylases and xylanases

In summary

The best way to feed your dog corn tortillas is when you make them from scratch, as you’re going to control the ingredients for the recipe.

That way, you’ll ensure the toxic preservatives and chemicals added by manufacturers for extended shelf life are not included.

If your dog accidentally ate excess corn tortillas, contact your vet immediately.

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