Can Dogs Drink Sprite?

It has become a popular norm for dog owners to share most foods and drinks with their dogs.

Harmless, you may think, because there’s no better way to show love other than sharing just about anything with your furry friend, but how safe is this practice?

This is especially so when it comes to caffeinated drinks like sprite.

So, can dogs drink Sprite?

Dogs shouldn’t drink Sprite.

It contains harmful ingredients such as sodium, fats, and artificial additives which cause adverse health issues to dogs.

Although a dog can handle a sip or two of the beverage, it shouldn’t turn into a routine.

This article provides you with information on the health effects Sprite causes to dogs.

It will also look into details on the harmful ingredients in the beverage and steps to take in case your dog takes the drink.

Can Dogs Drink Sprite

Why can’t dogs drink Sprite?

Sprite adds no nutritional value to your dog.

It contains unhealthy and harmful ingredients that affect a dog’s health, especially if it drinks too much of the beverage.

These include:

Caffeine: Sprite contains caffeine which is sensitive to dogs. It increases their heart rate, making them hyperactive. Your dog will become shaky, howl, and bark uncontrollably. Caffeine also causes increased blood pressure, a possible cause of cardiac arrhythmias. In most cases, too much caffeine in dogs causes seizures, comas, and fever.

Carbonation: Sprite contains carbonated water as its main ingredient. This ingredient contains additives like citric acid and sweeteners. While citric acid can harm your dog’s teeth, additives are toxic. Carbonation causes bloating which is life-threatening to dogs.

Sugar: Sprite contains added sugar which is hazardous if a dog consumes high amounts. In the short term, sugar causes hyperactivity and diarrhea. It increases blood sugar levels and causes increased weight or obesity in the long term. Obesity comes with problems in the tendons and joints, diabetes, and causes. In extreme cases, sugar leads to walking difficulties, arthritis, and damage to organs like the heart, kidney, and nerves.

Additives: Sprite contains additives such as sweeteners, food dyes, and preservatives which are hard to digest in dogs. The artificial sweetener, xylitol, in Sprite, is toxic to dogs even if it takes small amounts of it. It drops blood sugar levels which eventually leads to brain damage, hypoglycemia, and liver failure. If your dog gets xylitol poisoning, consider immediate treatment because it’s lethal. 


What sugary side effects can Sprite cause dogs?

Sprite contains high levels of sugar and that’s not something to expose a dog to.

If your dog consumes too much sugar, it will experience serious side effects.

These include:

Stomach issues

Since dogs have sensitive stomachs, sugar causes them discomfort.

It makes the bad gut bacteria thrive, leading to diarrhea, stomach pains, vomiting, and bloating. 


Sprite contains xylitol, an artificial sweetener, which makes the blood sugar levels drop, leading to death in extreme cases.

It also contains citric acid, which is toxic and causes nervous system depression. 

Canine cavities

When dogs consume too much Sprite, the high sugar content in the beverage causes cavities and tooth decay.

High consumption of sugar in dogs increases acids in the mouth, thus destroying the enamel.

Increased weight

Overconsumption of sugary drinks like Sprite leads to weight gain in dogs.

If your dog consumes too much sugar daily than the recommended intake, then obesity is inevitable.

This can cause serious health issues like heart disease and liver failure.

Canine diabetes

As a result of weight gain, dogs are at risk of contracting type II diabetes.

Studies confirm that the main cause of diabetes in dogs is the overconsumption of sugar. 

Too much sugar results in weight gain.

As a result of this weight, the pancreas produces less insulin.

This means less glucose in the cells and bore in the blood.

With type II diabetes, your dog will need injections to remain healthy for its lifetime.

What can you do when your dog drinks Sprite?

If your dog consumes a sip of Sprite, the effects will be nonexistent.

When your dog drinks too much of the drink, you can tell using the symptoms it will exhibit.

These include restlessness, diarrhea, vomiting, and drooling.

In more serious instances, dogs can suffer seizures or get into commas.

In case of any of these symptoms, take the following measures:

Give it plenty of water

Give it plenty of water to drink. Overconsumption of Sprite causes dehydration.

When this happens, a dog’s body strains in search of water.

Water also helps to wash out sugars and acids off teeth, thus preventing canine cavities. 

Seek veterinarian help

Seek further help from a veterinarian and follow the recommendations while monitoring your dog for improvement.

In the case of a coma or seizure, you should visit a veterinarian immediately to avoid death.

The veterinarian will induce vomiting to prevent further absorption of the harmful ingredients into the dog’s body. 

As a dog owner, you shouldn’t attempt to induce vomiting at home because if you do it incorrectly, the dog can get fatal aspiration pneumonia.

Store the beverage properly

You should keep your dog away from Sprite by storing the drink beyond its reach.

Drinks can easily spill, and dogs will lick them off floors.

When you spill the drink over, always wipe it away. 

Choose healthy alternatives

Start feeding your dog healthy drinks like plain water, nut milk, fruit juices, and chicken broth.

Avoid human drinks because most contain harmful ingredients such as citric acid, sugar, caffeine, and alcohol.

Before feeding your dog any food or drink, it’s necessary to check the ingredient labels for any harmful content.


It may be tempting to share drinks with your dog, especially when it keeps drooling and wagging its tail next to you as you take a sip.

Since Sprite brings no nutritional benefit to dogs, you should avoid feeding them the drink.

It has harmful ingredients that cause more harm than good.

In extreme cases, you’ll expose your dog to comas, seizures, or death.

Strive to feed your canine friends healthy drinks since many healthy drink alternatives exist.

If your dog consumes Sprite, always seek immediate help from a veterinarian. 

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