Can Dogs Drink Spoiled Milk?

Let’s face it; milk is one of those things that just doesn’t last very long in the fridge.

You open the carton, take a few swigs, and then before you know it, there’s only a tiny bit left.

And then, to top it all off, your milk expires.

So what do you do?

Most people would probably just pour the milk down the drain, but what if you have a dog?

Can dogs drink spoiled milk?

The short answer is no.

Dogs should not drink spoiled milk.

Milk that has gone bad can cause stomach upset and vomiting in dogs, and can even lead to more serious problems like pancreatitis.

The best thing to do with spoiled milk is to throw it away.

If you think your dog may have drank some spoiled milk, watch for signs of stomach upset like vomiting or diarrhea.

This article will be discussing the potential dangers of dogs drinking spoiled milk, as well as what to do if you think your dog may have consumed some.

Spoiled Milk

The risks of giving your dog spoiled milk

In case you are still wondering whether you can give your dog spoiled milk, below are good reasons not to:

Digestion problems

As milk becomes spoiled, it changes its chemical composition.

The milk changes in appearance and looks different from when it was fresh.

These changes in composition make it difficult for your dog to digest spoiled milk.

Naturally, some dogs normally have an intolerance to milk.

If such dogs drink spoiled milk, they will have serious digestion issues.

Spoiled milk can be toxic

Spoiled milk is toxic to dogs because of the changes in its composition.

You will notice negative symptoms immediately after your dog accidentally ingests spoiled milk.

Some of the first symptoms will be diarrhea and vomiting, which can take a toll on your dog.

Depending on how much milk your dog consumes, you may need to rush to the vet for immediate medical intervention.

Reduced nutritional value

If you still insist on giving your dog spoiled milk, consider the nutritional value.

Your dog will get many health benefits from fresh milk, including calcium, proteins, and essential fats.

When milk gets spoiled, it loses all these nutritional qualities.

For this reason, giving your dog spoiled milk is not worth the risks involved.

Can Dogs Drink Spoiled Milk

How will I know whether my dog drank spoiled milk?


Soon after consuming spoiled milk, your dog is likely to experience diarrhea.

Excessive diarrhea can cause your dog to get dehydrated.

Especially in puppies, diarrhea is very dangerous.

In case the diarrhea is persistent, rush your pet to the vet.


Your dog’s body is likely to reject the spoiled milk.

Vomiting occurs when your dog’s stomach senses ingestion of something harmful.

The advantage of vomiting is that it eliminates most of the spoiled milk consumed.

Some dogs get better after vomiting out most of the bad milk.


Restlessness can be an indication of an upset stomach.

Your dog may experience pain in the stomach after drinking bad milk.

Diarrhea also causes stomach discomfort and makes your dog restless.

Gastric issues

Your dog may suffer gastric issues when they take spoiled milk.

In case you notice signs of gastrointestinal problems, visit your vet.


Dogs can’t digest spoiled milk.

This inability to digest can cause clogging in the digestive system and lead to constipation.

Constipation occurs when your dog is unable or finds it difficult to pass stool.

What to do if your dog drinks spoiled milk

If your dog drinks spoiled milk, do the following:

Clean up any spilled milk

Your dog may have consumed spoiled spilled milk.

To prevent your dog from ingesting more spoiled milk, clean the area where the milk spilled.

Give drinking water

Give your dog a lot of drinking water for hydration.

Drinking spoiled milk can lead to diarrhea and vomiting, which can dehydrate your dog.

Seek medical advice from the vet

Your vet will check whether your dog is out of danger and recommend the next steps.

In case of adverse effects, the vet will advise on the best treatment approach, including medication to flush out the spoiled milk.

Keep a close eye on your furry friend

After a visit to the vet, you still need to monitor your dog closely.

Be conscious of any negative effects that do not clear after treatment.

If the symptoms persist, take your dog back to the vet.

How will I know if milk is spoiled?

Here are a few ingenious ways to tell if milk has gone bad so that you keep it away from your dog:

Smell it

Smelling the milk is the first thing to do when you suspect it has gone bad.

Fresh milk will not have any strange smell.

The most obvious sign of spoiled milk is an awful smell.

Check the texture and consistency

Fresh milk is naturally thin and has a pure white color.

If the milk appears lumpy with a distinct yellowish color, it is spoiled.

Spoiled milk will also have a cottage cheese-like consistency.

Microwave a portion of the milk

When heated, spoiled milk will develop an odd texture.

The milk will have lumps and may change color, indicating that it is spoiled.

How to prevent your dog from drinking spoiled milk

  • Store all milk away from your dog’s reach
  • Clean your floor regularly to prevent your dog from licking spilled spoiled milk
  • Always check the expiration date before giving your dog milk
  • Always check whether the milk is spoiled before pouring it into your dog’s feeding bowl


What if my puppy drank spoiled milk?

If your puppy drinks just a small amount of spoiled milk, it may vomit and be fine.

However, if your puppy is still nursing, you must take it to the vet for observation.

Can a dog’s breast milk get spoiled?

Yes, a dog’s breast milk can get spoiled if expressed and stored externally.

However, the milk the puppy consumes directly from the mother’s teat can’t get spoiled.

Can a pregnant dog drink spoiled milk?

No, a pregnant dog shouldn’t drink spoiled milk because it will cause adverse health effects.

Is it ok to give my dog slightly spoiled milk?

No, it is not ok to give your dog slightly spoiled milk.

The risk is the same as giving your dog already spoiled milk.

Final verdict

Unless you keep it for any other purpose, throw out spoiled milk to keep your dog safe.

You must be keen when feeding your dog any milk.

Let all your family members know the risks of feeding the dog spoiled milk.

Once they know the dangers, they will not be too lazy to get fresh milk for the dog when the stored milk is spoiled.

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