10 Best Blue Buffalo Dog Treats To Try Today

When it comes to dog treats, you always want to give your furry friend the very best quality stuff available.

There are plenty of different brands out there, each with their own recipes and flavors, and any dog owner will know how time-consuming it can be trying to work out which brand offers the best healthy, tasty, and natural dog treats.

Well, we can tell you that Blue Buffalo fits the bill!

10 Best Blue Buffalo Dog Treats To Try Today

Blue Buffalo is a company that’s dedicated to only delivering pet foods that are natural and healthy, without artificial ingredients and things that could upset your pet’s stomach.

However, Blue Buffalo has so many different dog treats on sale, it can be hard narrowing the list down to find the ones that your dog is going to love most.

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you! In our tail-wagging guide below, we’ve got the 10 best Buffalo Dog treats for your pet to try today (see also "Best 3 Ingredient Dog Treats"). Whatever flavors they like, you’re sure to find treats in our list that they’ll love.

Read on!


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We’re starting our list off with a fun dog treat from Blue Buffalo that your dog’s bound to love - these crunchy dog biscuits with a mouth watering banana and yogurt flavoring.

Since Blue Buffalo is dedicated to pet foods that only contain natural, healthy ingredients, you can guarantee that these biscuits use real bananas and yogurt, with all their refreshing flavor.

However, the list doesn’t stop there, because these treats als include real ingredients like oatmeal and carrots. That’s right, your pooch will be getting both fruits AND vegetables with just one of these tasty biscuits!

On top of all that, there’s naturally no bad ingredients to worry about. These treats are free from chicken by-product meals, and they also don’t have any artificial preservatives and colors. Additionally, they’re also free from corn, soy, and wheat, which some dogs are allergic to. 


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Our next pick is from the Stux range that Blue Buffalo offers, which are dog treats in the shape of slender sticks. Each treat is a tender, meat-filled roll of deliciousness that your furry friend will be wagging their tail for, and these particular snacks are beef flavored.

Naturally, the treats use only real and natural beef in their ingredients, and they also use other healthy things like potatoes, chickpeas, and blueberries. These are wholesome ingredients, without any chicken by-product meals or artificial additions.

The treats should only be given as intermittent or supplemental feeding only, so don’t treat your pet with a whole bag! Additionally, if you’ve got a smaller dog or you’re using these as training treats, you can easily break the Stix into smaller pieces.

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Up next is a great recommendation from Blue Buffalo’s Sizzlers range of dog treats, which are dog snacks made in the style of bacon.

That’s right, these dog treats look like rashes of bacon sizzling in a pan, and they taste just as good too (see also "Best Bacon Dog Treats")! These have a fantastic pork flavoring that your dog will adore.

Of course, the pork that’s used in these treats is entirely real and natural, and it’s even been specifically raised in the United States.

Naturally, there’s no artificial colors or preservatives used in the treats either, and they’re also free of chicken or poultry by-product meals.

Better still, these soft-moist treats have no soy, wheat, or corn in them, so that dogs with allergies to those ingredients can still enjoy the delicious snacks.

Additionally, the snacks use vegetable glycerin, rather than regular glycerin, because dogs can also have their stomachs upset by regular glycerin. Thankfully, the vegetable version should have no such effect.


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Our next pick is from the Wilderness Trail Treats range that Blue Buffalo offers, a collection of grain-free biscuits for dogs that are designed to feed your pooch’s inner wolf.

These particular ones have a turkey flavoring to them which has been achieved through the use of real, natural turkey. As a result, these snacks are packed with protein that will help your dog.

In addition to all the protein, these dog treats are also made with antioxidants and Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, all of which help to give your dog a snack that’s extra healthy.


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The fantastic True Chews brand of dog treats has joined the Blue Buffalo family, ensuring even more for healthy ingredients and fantastic taste in all their treats (see also "Amazing Dog Treats & Chews").

These chicken flavored treats from the Premium Grillers range bring your dog the tender, mouth watering taste of real, natural chicken, and dress it up in a brilliant charred, grilled texture that your dog will love chowing down on.

Additionally, there’s no chicken by-product meals used in the snack - this is all real chicken and the parts of a chicken that you would be happy eating!

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By-products are the less-desirable parts of a chicken, like feet and neck. Nobody wants those, especially your dog!


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Our next pick is another one from Blue Buffalo’s delicious Health Bars range, which offers wonderfully crunchy and flavorful biscuits for your dog to enjoy.

While the previous ones we looked at had a fruity twist, with banana and yogurt, these ones take things more in a meat direction.

These have a bacon, egg, and cheese flavor that’s sure to get your pooch’s tail wagging. It’s a great flavor combination, and the snacks use real bacon for the meat, while using cheese powder for the cheese.

In addition to those, there’s fantastic natural ingredients like oatmeal and barley included.

On top of the natural ingredients, these dog treats are enhanced with minerals and vitamins in order to keep your dog healthy and happy.


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All of the dog treats we’ve looked at so far have been for adult dogs, but it’s important not to forget about cute puppies! Puppies are growing, so they arguably need even more energy from their treats.

On top of that, you’ll also likely be training your puppy, so these training treats are an especially great pick.

With a delicious chicken flavor that comes from real chicken, these treats come in bite-sized morsels that are perfect for baby pups.

On top of that, each treat has DHA, a fatty acid that is found in a mother’s milk, and this helps support your little dog’s brain development.

Additionally, the treats also contain Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which will encourage skin and coat health for your furry friend as well.


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Time for something festive! If it’s the holiday season and you’re looking for a Christmas-themed dog treat to give your four-legged friend, then these Santa Snacks from Blue Buffalo are a fantastic pick.

Flavored with oatmeal and cinnamon, they have a perfectly warming feeling to them that’s ideal for the cold weather.

These snacks are also shaped in festive ways, with a range of designs in each packet: stars, gingerbread men, and Christmas trees. Your pet is sure to find these shapes fun when they’re chowing down!

Better still, the treats are enhanced with vitamins and antioxidants to help your dog’s health, while also being free from meat and bone meal.

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Another one from Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness Trails range that’s designed to feed your dog’s inner adventurous wolf, these chicken flavored Wild Bits will give your dog delicious servings of tender chicken in a soft-moist form.

Besides the fact that these use real chicken for their flavor, the treats are also made with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids to help your pet’s skin and coat health, as well as DHA in order to promote their cognitive development.

These snacks are enhanced with minerals and vitamins to ensure that your dog enjoys something that’s not only delicious, but healthy too!

The treats are also free from chicken or poultry by-product meals, so that your dog is only getting good, healthy parts of the chicken. On top of that, the treats are also free of corn, soy, and wheat, which can upset the stomachs of some dogs


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We’re finishing our list with these fun, bite-sized morsels of delicious chicken-flavored goodness. Part of the Bits range from Blue Buffalo, these soft-moist treats are used for training, so you can give them to your pooch as a reward for completing commands.

Each treat is in the shape of a heart, which is adorable, and they’re packed with DHA that helps promote your pet’s cognitive development.

Final Thoughts

Blue Buffalo prides itself on healthy pet foods made with natural ingredients. They have loads of delicious ranges - use our guide to find the best!

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