10 Best Bacon Dog Treats To Try Today

10 Best Bacon Dog Treats To Try Today

Unfortunately, not all bacon treats taste like the real thing, so it can be hard to find a suitable alternative for your pup.

To save you the hassle, we’ve put together this list of 10 of the best bacon dog treats on the market (see also "Best 3 Ingredient Dog Treats"). Delicious, authentic, bite-sized, or super chewy, there’s something to suit all tastes!


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First on our list are these bacon-style dog treats from Blue Buffalo. This 28oz jumbo pack will be sure to keep them satisfied for a while, and at the same time, you can rest assured that they’re getting the very best quality treats.

These bacon treats are made from 100% U.S Pork, and contain no red dye, no BHA, and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!

These semi-moist treats are suitable for dogs of all ages, and they work particularly well as compact training treats (see also "Amazing Fruitables Dog Treats").

They even look like real bacon rashers and have the same texture, but at just 33 calories a bite, they’re much healthier (and less fatty) than the real thing!

Although your pup would happily munch through the bag in one sitting, remember to feed these in moderation, alongside a balanced diet.


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Here’s another mouth-watering treat they’ll go crazy for - bacon flavor treats from Pup-Peroni. These treats are arguably as close as you’re going to get to the real thing, and each bite is made from real bacon - so yes, your dog will know they’re eating the good stuff!

These meaty, chewy sticks are a great way to satisfy their urge to chew, but without the risk of choking. Each treat contains around 52 calories a serving, and there are no artificial colors, and no red 40, making them a safe, tasty treat for your dog.

Unfortunately, these treats aren’t enriched with any extra vitamins or minerals, and they do contain some preservatives. Don’t worry - these are still safe for your pup, and they’ll be a super-tasty addition to a healthy, balanced diet! 

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Next up, we have these mouthwatering bacon flavor training treats by Crazy Dog. If you’re after something smaller than chews, these little bites are a great way to get them motivated and focused during training, or even as a special quick treat for being well-behaved!

What’s more, these treats come in at between 1.5-3 calories a treat, so you’ll be able to give them at least half a handful per training session without exceeding their daily snack limit.

Meat is the number one ingredient in these tasty treats, and they contain no corn, soy, BHA, or BHT, making them a healthy, low-fat, and low-cal addition to your dog's diet.

Plus, these treats are soft and easy to chew, making them great for dogs of all ages. Whatever your dogs needs, they’re sure to go crazy for these treats - and we know you’ll love them, too! 


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After something a little chewier? Try your pup on these bacon flavor jerky strips by Fruitables. Fruitables are celebrated for their healthy, high-quality dog treats, and these bacon strips are no exception.

Gluten-free, grain-free, and wheat-free, each treat is a premium cut with no fillers and nitrates, but they still taste absolutely delicious, so your dog can enjoy all the flavor of bacon without the nasties!

These strips are all produced in the US and they contain no by-products or artificial ingredients. Their chewy texture is also a great way to keep your dog entertained and add some rewarding stimulation to their daily routine.

If your dog is a lover of the bacon strips, you’ll also find plenty more natural flavors in the collection, including salmon, bison, and duck! These bacon flavor jerky strips are sure to keep them hooked!


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Next up, we have another delicious installment from the reputable brand Purina. These delicious bacon dog treats are a must-have cupboard staple for your pup.

Bite-sized, full of flavor, and no artificial colors or flavors, you really can’t go wrong with these treats!

If you’re on the hunt for the most authentic bacon feel and flavor, you’ll be satisfied with these treats. These look and taste like they’ve just come straight off the pan, and your dog will thank you for it!

Plus, all treats are made at U.S. facilities and with U.S. ingredients for your peace of mind. Plus, because they’re small and easy to chew, they’re a great choice for adult dogs. However, Purina does not recommend feeding these to puppies.

P.S. - If your dog loves these mini bites, you can also treat them to the larger strips! What are you waiting for?

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Here’s another classic you won’t want to miss - canine carry outs bacon flavor treats. These truly mouthwatering bites are sure to get tails wagging, and their 47-ounce packet will keep you and your dog stocked up!

These bites contain just 11 calories per treat, and each bite is soft and chewy, making them great for both puppies and adult dogs. Not only do these taste like real bacon, but they also look like it, making them a great choice for your training treat selection!

If you have picky dogs, we can promise they won’t be disappointed with these bacon treats. However, these little bites, unfortunately, contain a few preservatives, so if you’re looking for something completely natural, you may want to opt for another brand.

However, these can still be a safe and enjoyable addition to a healthy diet.


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Next up, we have the pleas’n P.B bacon treats by Old Mother Hubbard. If you want to introduce a little more flavor to their traditional bacon treats, these beautiful bites have the extra edge of a little peanut butter to make them pop!

Plus, they’ll also get a healthy dose of oats and flaxseed for extra vitamins and nutrients, such as omega 3.

These delicious biscuits make the perfect training treat for both puppies and adult dogs, and they’re made in the USA from locally sourced ingredients.

Plus, all biscuits are oven baked for a beautiful, crunchy texture that will leave them feeling satisfied and hungry for more!

Although these bites contain extra nutrients, they do need the sorbic acid preservative to improve their shelf-life, so Old Mother Hubbard cannot brand them as ‘all-natural’. Still, they’re a tastier (and healthier) alternative to other high-processed bacon treats! 


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These bacon flavor chews from Liberty Trainers are the perfect training treat for even the fussiest of dogs. These USA-made treats are semi-moist, bite-sized, and low-cal, with only 4 calories per treat!

Plus, all chews are 100% grain and gluten-free, making them perfect for pups with sensitive stomachs. You can also guarantee a healthy treat experience with no artificial preservatives or flavors.

Despite being a healthy alternative, these chews definitely don’t scrimp on flavor. These delicious meaty bites taste just like the real deal, and they’re the perfect motivational reward for training that will keep your pup coming back for more.

P.S. - if they’re a fussy eater that loves the taste of these chews, you could even try them on liberty trainers very own kibble!


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If you think they’ll enjoy their bacon treat more if it has a little extra flavor, why not pair it with some cheese? These bacon and cheese biscuits by Buddy Biscuits are destined to go down a treat.

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These mouthwatering crunchy treats come in fun shapes, contain no soy and no corn, and are oven baked for that classic crunchy goodness.

As well as containing no soy and corn, these treats are also free from artificial flavors, additives, sugar, and salt; so, if you want a healthy training treat that you can deliver on the go, these are the perfect alternative.

Plus, as soon as you open the packet, even you’ll agree they smell like the real deal! These treats are suitable for pups and adult dogs, and even the fussiest treat eaters will be hungry for more…


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Last on our list are these Bac’n Creations by Meaty Treats. These are another delicious bacon and cheese flavor treat made primarily from pork, and they come in a convenient 5lb tub - so you’ll have plenty of treats to go around!

These small, chewy treats are designed to look like rashers and have a semi-moist texture that’s easy to eat, making them great for both pups and adult dogs.

Plus, the number one ingredient in these treats is real bacon, so if your dog often turns their nose up at substitutes, you can be sure they won’t do the same with these!

Made from American ingredients and coming in at 35 calories a treat, these are a delicious addition to a healthy, balanced diet.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve struggled to find authentic and appealing bacon dog treats, we hope this roundup has given you some inspiration. So, what are you waiting for? Treat your pup to a tasty new treat today!

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