Meet Banjo! Banjo is our sweet Beagle who came into our lives in the most unexpected way possible. While my partner was at work and I was studying at home, I would often see a hound running around the woodland where our cabin resides.

I first thought nothing of it, considering the dog looked healthy, until one day I saw him huddled in a small ball, shaking like crazy. I then figured out he was blind and homeless. 

When I took Banjo to the vets, the only health problem he had was his lack of vision. I had quickly grown fond of the little Beagle and took him home with me, and he quickly became a permanent member of the family. 

Of course, caring for a blind dog is easier said than done. Blind dogs require more care and attention to their disability to help them adapt to a new environment, such as making barriers around the house, potty-training, and developing a trusting relationship without sight.

Still, dogs are remarkably adaptable animals as long as you are patient with them. 

Banjo chose us in the same way we chose him. We feel incredibly fortunate to have Banjo in our lives, for his charismatic and energetic personality and his love for walkies. He gets along brilliantly with the other dogs and acts in the same way as them – except for when he accidentally runs into trees on our hikes!