10 Amazing Full Moon Dog Treats You Must Not Miss

When it comes to getting the very best dog treats for your furry friend, there are few brands better than Full Moon.

A company focused on producing dog treats that are exclusively made from trusted ingredients sourced from family farms in the USA, they also pride themselves on producing snacks that are 100% human grade - in other words, they’re made from REAL ingredients that a human would be happy eating!

10 Amazing Full Moon Dog Treats You Must Not Miss

There’s a wide range of Full Moon dog treats available, with all kinds of flavors that your pet will simply love.

In our handy guide below, we’ve got 10 amazing Full Moon dog treats that you simply must not miss. Whatever flavors your dog prefers, you’re sure to find Full Moon dog treats that your pet will adore. 

10 Amazing Full Moon Dog Treats You Must Not Miss


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We’re starting our list off with Full Moon’s Chicken Nuggets dog treats, which offer bite-sized nuggets made of mouth watering, authentic chicken.

These treats are carefully crafted in a chicken using only 100% all natural chicken that’s been raised in the USA. 

Of course, chicken isn’t the only ingredient in these treats, because they’ve got plenty of other all natural ingredients included to bring out maximum flavor for your pooch!

There’s rosemary extract, organic cane sugar, ground celery, salt, vinegar, and a smoke flavoring. It all goes to create dog treats that are definitely human grade!

Even better, the treats contain absolutely no fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavors. On top of that, they contain no corn, soy, wheat, grains, or glycerin - a fact which will help keep your dog’s stomach happy!


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Our next pick is another of Full Moon’s chicken flavored dog treats, with this sliced chicken jerky.

Once again, the treats are made from all natural chicken that has been raised in the United States, and the chickens have also been raised cage-free. 

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Besides the chicken, the jerky uses just 3 other natural ingredients: rosemary extract, salt, and organic cane sugar.

Having a small range of ingredients keeps things nice and simple, and helps to ensure that all the ingredients are all all natural. 

Once again, these dog treats are also free from plenty of bad stuff.

We’re talking about no soy, grains, corn, glycerin, and wheat! On top of those, they’re also free from fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors and colors. 


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Mixing things up from the chicken, these Full Moon Beef Jerky dog treats use beef that’s been ranch raised in the United States.

On top of that, the beef is raised on family ranches and it’s been approved by the USDA, so you can be sure of its quality! In fact, these dog treats are truly human grade.

The beef is slow cooked in order to bring out all of its rich and hearty flavor, which your dog will really appreciate.

Besides the beef, there are only a few other organic and all natural ingredients used: vinegar, salt, ground celery, and organic cane sugar. 

Every single bite is free from things like glycerin, corn, wheat, grains, and soy, and they also don’t contain fillers and other artificial additives.


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Our next recommendation for your furry friend is Full Moon’s Sliced Pork Jerky natural cuts.

Another dog treat that’s made from 100% human grade ingredients (in other words, ingredients that would be fit for a human to eat), you can be sure that these treats are made without the use of any by-products or waste.

The pork here is certified by the USDA and has been raised on family farms in the United States.

Besides this deliciously tender meat that your dog will simply love, it also contains organic cane sugar, salt, rosemary extract, and vinegar. That’s right, just 5 ingredients! AND they’re all natural!

Organic cane sugar (a natural sugar) is used to keep the dog treats extra soft and chewy, giving them the perfect texture and consistency that will delight your dog.

The reason that natural sugar is used instead of something like glycerin is because glycerin is highly processed, and this means that it has a chance of giving your furry friend digestive issues. Nobody wants that, and so the treats keep it all natural!


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These tiny and tasty savory bites from Full Moon are perfect for any dog, and they’ve got a rich beef flavoring to them that will keep your dog coming back for more.

Naturally, the beef is USDA approved and free range, and it spent its whole life being raised on family farms in the USA. 

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These dog treats use a handful of other ingredients besides the beef - and they’re all organic and natural!

It uses casanova root, ground celery, rosemary extract, vinegar, organic cane sugar, salt, and paprika. 

That last one is especially interesting, because the paprika helps to give each bite-sized treat a hint of warm spiciness that your dog will enjoy - without upsetting its stomach or anything.


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It’s always good to include some training treats on our list, which are dog treats designed specifically for being given to your dog after they’ve completed a desired action.

These bite-sized treats reward them and make training your furry friend much easier!

Naturally, these chicken training treats have been made with chicken that has been raised in the USA, and it’s USDA approved too.

Even better, the chicken is organic and was raised in a cage-free environment. 

A handful of other organic and natural ingredients are used to make these training treats as delicious as possible, including organic paprika.

This particular ingredient gives the treats a hint of spiciness, as well as a hickory smoke flavor that will get your dog drooling!


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Up next in our tantalizingly tasty Full Moon dog treat recommendations are these beef jerky tenders, which have been made with a free range beef recipe.

This means that the cows were able to roam freely and graze when they were being raised on the family farms in the United States, making the animals much healthier and treating them more humanely. 

Every beef jerky tender is cooked in a small batch using honest and natural ingredients, keeping the production focused and accurate.

Besides the beef, the ingredients include things like rosemary extract and ground celery, and they’re all organic and natural without question. 

Better still, there’s no grains, corn, soy, wheat, or glycerin used in the production - leaving no risks of upsetting your dog’s stomach!


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Our next pick is Full Moon’s chicken jerky, delightful dog treats that have been engaged with special ingredients in order to support your dog’s hips and assist with its joint health.

Your dog will be moving much more freely, and much more happily, after a taste of this delicious jerky!

The treats are made with whole muscle chicken breast that’s totally all natural and has been raised in the US.

The chicken provides your furry friend with plenty of protein, and is far healthier than the chicken some other companies use,  which contains animal by-products and antibiotics.

In order to help your pet maintain healthy hips and joints, the dog treats are enhanced with chondroitin and glucosamine. 

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Our next pick uses a whole new meat: duck! These delicious dog treats from Full Moon are made with cage free duck, bringing a mouth watering flavor that is both savory and sweet.

Each tender bite is packed with flavor, which is helped from the fact that the duck is slow roasted in order to get the very best flavor out of it.

Besides duck, the dog treats contain a variety of other organic and natural ingredients. For example, they contain flax seeds, ground celery, and even paprika.

The paprika goes perfectly with the sweet and savory duck, giving it a hint of smokiness and spiciness that your dog will love.


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We’re finishing our list of the best Full Moon dog treats with their Chicken Fillet flavor, which are kitchen-crafted with extreme care and offer your pet something that is distinctly human grade. 

The chicken used for these tasty treats is 100% all natural and it’s been raised exclusively in the United States.

On top of that, the chicken has been cooked in small batches with honest ingredients, ensuring treats that are nutritious for your dog and completely free of bad things like artificial flavors, preservatives, fillers, and colors. 

Final Thoughts

Full Moon pride themselves on delivering dog treats that are properly human grade - using all natural ingredients that a human would be happy to eat!

They’ve got a range of flavors, and you can find the best with our guide!

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