15 Amazing Dog Treats Recipes Vet Approved You Must Not Miss

15 Amazing Dog Treats Recipes Vet Approved You Must Not Miss

So, it comes as no surprise that we always want to spoil them. And what better way to say I love you to your most loyal companion with a super scrumptious tasty treat? If there’s one thing I can guarantee that your furry friend will adore it’s a delicious home-baked treat.

Of course, we also want to make sure that what you’re making is as safe as it is salivatingly good. That is why all the recipes mentioned in this article today are completely veterinarian approved.

Ready to get baking the best dog treats around (see also "Amazing Dog Treats & Chews")? Then continue reading this article.

Advisory - Before We Begin

Please Note - Many of the recipes below will contain peanut butter. Peanut butter is a delicious option and a flavor that your pup is sure to adore.

However, you must be aware that some brands of peanut butter contain the ingredient xylitol which is toxic to dogs.

Please ensure that you double-check the ingredient list of your chosen brand before baking. You must opt for xylitol-free peanut butter in order for it to be safe and vet-approved.


It’s not just us humans that love the smell of freshly baked goodies. Your pup is sure to go crazy for these delicious golden brown pretzels.

Not only are these treats totally tasty and healthy for your four-legged friend, but they take just 20 minutes in the oven and involve just four simple ingredients; oat flour, rolled oats, applesauce, and eggs.

Soft and crunchy, super healthy, and with a great shelf life, there’s never been a better excuse to whip up a big batch of these tasty treats. 


Dogs rarely come with downsides, but a stinky mouth odour can definitely be one of them. But fear not, because you won't have to hold your breath for those pooch smooches any longer with these tasty treats. Bad breath be gone!

These treats are tasty, effective, and most importantly safe. Now, they contain a few unusual ingredients so you might need a trip to the store for these ones.


If you love to pamper your pooch, then these cranberry cookies are the way to their heart. Not only are they sweet and scrumptious, but they can also be made completely gluten-free, all you need to do is swap out the flour for 2 cups of oats!

Cranberries are a great option too since they’re packed full of essential vitamins and minerals to boost your pup's health and are brimming with antioxidants too.


Does your dog come running when he gets a whiff of you trying up some bacon? Then why not treat him to his own meaty indulgence? The peanut butter and bacon fat glaze is far too delicious for any dog to resist.

And with just 6 ingredients and a total time of just 35 minutes, there’s never been a better reason to make these simple snacks. 


No one should be deprived of cupcakes. It’s a fate far too cruel. And when it comes to big events like birthdays, there couldn’t be a better treat to bake!

And these cupcakes are the real deal. A moist and scrumptious dog-friendly cupcake that comes with its own creamy and delicious peanut butter yogurt frosting. You can even add a homemade biscuit on top for some extra razzle-dazzle.


These doggie donuts look and smell so good that you might be tempted to take a bite. But don’t be fooled by their sweet appearance, these treats are as savory as they get.

Expect these saliva-inducing donuts comprised of flour, oats, coconut oil, peanut butter, and eggs to be gobbled up in seconds. Especially with that greek yogurt frosting and a sprinkle of crunchy bacon bits.


When the scorching hot weather rolls around, keeping your dog nice and cool is imperative to their health.

So, there’s no better way to reward your most loyal friend and ensure optimum health than offering them a tasty frozen treat that they adore.

With just three ingredients, you can be sure that this recipe is hassle-free for mom or dad, but will keep your little bundle of fur entertained for hours. 


If your dog is fond of a chew-type treat, these are the perfect option (see also "Amazing Fruitables Dog Treats"). Sweet potato is a fantastic ingredient for your four-legged friend since it contains lots of amazing things such as Potassium, Fiber, Iron, Antioxidants, and vitamin E.

These grain-free treats use just 3 ingredients and are also a perfect option for diabetic dogs since they aid in regulating insulin too.


Whether you want to treat your pup to a decadent birthday breakfast or simply a scrumptious snack, you can’t beat these easy homemade pancakes.

This recipe is the perfect option for when you want your dog to join the rest of the family in pancake-devouring.

And with just 5 ingredients that most likely already live in your pantry, making these doggie pancakes has never been more effortless.


These tasty 4-ingredient chicken biscuits are sure to go down a hit with your pampered pooch. And what’s great is that they are super convenient for their pawrents too.

They can be ready in 30 minutes or less and are also freezable meaning that you can create a big batch ahead of time.

They’re also a great option for when you’ve got some leftover chicken that’s going to go to waste.


If, like me, you seriously spoil your pup, then these fancy yet surprisingly easy macarons are sure to go down an absolute storm.

Crunchy on the outside and creamy in the middle, these macarons look and smell so good that you’ll want to save them for yourself.


No pup is a fan of taking pills, but sometimes needs must. If you struggle to get your dog to swallow those nasty-tasting pills then the best option is to disguise them in something super scrumptious. That way they’ll swallow them down without even noticing.

And these treats are so tasty that your dog will never suspect the ulterior motive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay To Make Dog Treats With Regular Flour? 

It is possible to use regular flour for dog treats. With that being said, however, flour can be a common allergen for many dogs and so should be avoided where possible and especially if your pup has a sensitive stomach.

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Dog Treats?

In most cases, yes it is cheaper to make your own dog treats than it is to purchase them commercially. What’s better though, is that you can ensure your dog is consuming only healthy and beneficial ingredients.

Final Thoughts

We all love to pamper our pooches. And there’s no better way to do so than baking a delicious treat with tender loving care. Each and every one of the recipes in this article is super tasty so you can be sure that your dog will be very appreciative of them.

But more importantly, they are also healthy options that are approved by veterinarians. With that being said, though, it is always recommended that you consult with your dog’s veterinarian before feeding your dog anything new that they haven’t tried before. 

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