Meet Alex, our gorgeous blind Beagle! Alex became a beloved member of the family several years ago when we adopted him from a no-kill shelter. Unfortunately, not only was Alex born blind, but he was also hit by a car at a young age.

As a result of this, he has had to live with a variety of injuries and health issues, most notably his anxiety. 

Due to his lack of sight, Alex is a fairly anxious dog who struggles to be left alone. He also has problems sitting in the back of the car, unless myself or my partner sit with him on our lap in the front. We think it might be because he can’t see where he is traveling to in a car. 

Still, we know that with hard work and perseverance, his anxious ways will soon disappear. We know this because we worked hard to build a trusting bond with Alex, ensuring that the house is safe from potential hazards and that he will always receive endless cuddles and love from humans. 

Raising and taking care of Alex is no different to raising any other dog. Blind dogs just need more time and patience when it comes to potty training and walkies, because they rely heavily on their other senses as well as their owners to reassure them that they are safe.