Meet Vicky!

 I am the very privileged and happy owner of the most beautiful and adorable little English Cocker Spaniel. Vicky as her name is, was blind of glaucoma 4 years ago. But what a smart and loving dog… I suppose she smells better than a World Champion! So you have to be aware of where you place your food… woops woops, and all is eaten up ha…ha… ;O) Actually she lost the sight of her right eye first and her left eye lasted for one more year due to medical treatment. To admit, when she got totally blind it was my vanity that was troubling the most… but the little cute dog convinced me that there were no reasons for worries!!! Everybody that has the pleasure to meet Vicky - just start to love her, her great personality has even grown since she was blind!!!

I fully sign that "Blind Dogs See With Their Hearts"!!! Even much more than other dogs ;o)) Look at some pictures of Vicky-darling <> <>

Thank you so much for this wonderful website!!!
Lots of hugs and kisses from Vicky (by now age 12) and her 2 beloved humans, Tone & Elisabeth XXX .

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