Meet Tyler!


My dog Tyler is 2 years old, he came into my care after I had lost a Jack Russell, who suddenly passed away. It had taken me ages to accept another dog, but I met Tyler I feel in love with him, or more to the point he fell in love with me. One day, I had taken him to the vet because Tyler had the runs... and the vet had asked me does he bang into things, I said yes, the vet checked his eyes, and told me Tyler was blind...but had some sight at that time. Tyler now is fully blind, but he loves life and is happy. He lives with 3 cats, one of which is the same age as himself, he is best friends with the young cat, they chase each other around the sofa chairs, its funny. The cat knows his blind, and creeps past him slowly sometimes have filmed them playing and placed it on youtube. Tyler reminds me of a badger, always sniffing everything, even people that come in, and sometimes trying to nip them.

Story by Carol Mccourt
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