Meet Toby!

Toby and Dodie

 Hi my name is Caroline, and one of my dogs Toby just recently became blind all of sudden and he is about 2.5 years old. When I found out he was blind I was so scared and worried, even more worried to think what might happened to Toby since he is still young. The first time I found out he is blind when he jumped out from the car, he fell straight to the ground , poor Toby and then he can't find the stairs that led to our house door.

Then he started to crawl in a weird way, so I suspect something is wrong so I got his favorite balls, normally he will start barking when he sees his favorite ball, but this time he was just sniffing it, and didn't bark. When I THREW IT, HE DIDN'T FETCH AND WHEN I SAID GO GET THE BALL Toby, he ran and bumped his head through walls and doors and breaks my heart. So then for the 2 weeks we wait to take him to the eye specialist, and every single night I train him to be more independent. He did very good job, and within a week he made out the layout of the house, remembered when he supposed to pee and poo and where the bowl for his food and water.

When the time came, we took him to the eye specialist. The doctor told us the bad news, Toby is permanently blind, and the lens on both eyes had detached :( There is nothing the vet can do about it, it is a genetic thing. But God been good to me and Toby, God showed me how strong is Toby so I didn't cry when I got the news, as I have seen how strong he is.

So we came home with bad news, yet I feel so peaceful. Me and my husband still prayed for Toby every night and are grateful even though he is now blind at least he is till a healthy dog :) and he will have a long good life.

Our other dog Dodie, who is a pure breed Shih Tzu, has been such a good brother to Toby, fetching Toby's ball when he can't find it. Getting Toby's blanket when Toby about to go to sleep .

As for Toby though he is blind, he is still energetic. He is using his ears more and his nose is amazing, he knows where I hide the ball and will bark and no one can mess with Toby :) I love him to bits... and he still loves walking outside with leash on and has started to be brave enough to go down the stairs. He hates being baby sat by us or Dodie hahahahah... Toby is one brave dog. Here is one of his photos with his brother Dodie. Toby is a Shih Tzu Poodle cross and Dodie is Shih Tzu pure breed. Toby is about to turn 3 this coming 6th August and I am going to spoil him badly with new toys :)

Well all of you out there, blind dogs are just as great as any other dog, they actually take it better than us humans :)

* Toby is the smaller dog. His name comes from bible Tobias :) meaning God's gift and your website helped me overcome the lost of Toby's sight.

Story by:
Caroline Johandiputri

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