Meet Toby!

Toby and Ozzy
 My Dog Toby

When I was 3 years old, my mom bought me a peek-a-poo and I had him until I was 17. I’ve always loved dogs. My husband and I were engaged when we started looking for our first dog. I knew I wanted a small one since we lived in an apartment. We looked in the paper and we saw a 5-year old Yorkshire terrier for give away. We immediately called and that is how Toby came into our lives. He wasn’t blind at first, but after about a year he started developing cataracts. They just kept getting worse and worse. He now cannot see anything, but he is okay with that. He is a very happy little guy.

He is a very good listener. He gets around the house just fine, once in a while he will bump into things, but he does very well. He is around 9 years old now and I know we will have him for many years to come. He loves to wear clothes for some reason and he looks really cute in them! He sleeps with us every night at the foot end of the bed. One of his favorite things to do is to be held by momma (that’s me). He fits comfortably on the side of my arm and I’ll hold him for hours on end watching a movie, eating, getting on the computer, or whatever I seem to be doing.

We got Toby a brother a couple years ago. His name is Ozzy and he is a Pekingese. Ozzy keeps Toby young. They will play tug-o-war with toys, but it is an unfair advantage. Toby weighs 6 lbs. and Ozzy weighs 16 lbs. Toby always wins though because he is the head the house (or so he thinks)!

I love both of my dogs so much and I do spoil them, but they like it! They are my furbabies and even though Toby is blind, you would never be able to tell because he is a very happy little dog!
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