Samson - The Chihuahua Born Without Eyes

 “When you sneeze, I jump…and I have eyeballs!” My 11 year old daughter pointed out to me as we were discussing Samson’s reactions to loud sounds.

I met Samson on a beautiful fall morning; he was only 4 weeks old. His breeder was devastated at the fact this sweet little puppy had been born without eyes. The moment she introduced me to Samson I fell in love. My breeder friend told me she would do everything she could to give this puppy a chance for life and I assumed anyone in her position would feel the same way. Sadly, since I brought Samson into my home, I’ve been shocked to learn many believe a dog born with disabilities should be put to sleep. After meeting Samson, I went home and ponder the possibility of become the owner of a blind dog. Did I have the commitment needed? Did I have the knowledge? Did I have the right conditions in my home? Most importantly, did I have the love in my heart to raise this puppy? The more I read about blind dogs, the more I was encouraged by their stories; and I knew in my heart this little blind puppy would add to the quality of my life if I would commit my love and care to him. I made up my mind to bring Samson home and to post a blog sharing his journey with all his struggles, victories and adventures.

Samson has not disappointed me! In the short time he has been living in our home, he has proven to me over and over again of his great heart, intelligence and willingness to live – and not just live, but live life to the fullest. I had so many questions about our puppy the moment we met him. Some questions have been answered and others will only be answered with time. I’m training Samson to trust and Samson is training me to understand blind puppies. We now know to use the words, “Its o.k. Samson!” when our puppy jumps at an unexpected sound. He waits for our reassurance and our arms around him, and little by little as time passes by, Samson is recognizing sounds.

I want to build a community for people raising blind puppies. Samson’s blog tells his story in hopes to encourage and inspire others. We want to spread the word, “Blind Dogs See With Their Heart and Are Worth Loving”. .

Samson can also be found on the DailyPuppy Forum

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