Meet Sabi

Sabi enjoying the sunshine


About Sabi by Emily Hill

One day when we were getting Preston a home, we saw a blind dog. Her name was Sabi. We took her home and I asked in the car "Will we keep Sabi?" Mommy and Daddy said "I don’t know" and I was worried that we might not.

On Valentine’s Day, Mommy and Daddy said "Sabi has something stuck on her, get it off!" I saw a card on her and I opened it. There was a little dog tag in it and I guessed it. Finally Mommy and Daddy told me it meant we were going to keep her. I was happy. Then I realized the Valentine’s present was Sabi.

One day we had to go to the doctor to get Sabi so her eye could be taken out. When we got her the next day, we saw her wearing a cone. I felt sad that she had to be shaved.

We called the vet one day because Sabi was crashing into the walls. We went to three vets in a row and then had to go to Purdue. They tried everything they could to make Sabi not be all the way blind, but they said they couldn’t and she would need her other eye out. When I got home from school the next day I saw a cone on Sabi. She looked scary but I knew she was still sweet.

The rest of the days her hair grew back. We always know that she’ll still be the sweet old Sabi if anything else goes wrong with her. Sabi is very cute and every time I touch her nose she licks me! Sometimes when we sleep in our sleeping bags she comes to my pillow and I can pet her at night. I am thankful for her for being a good friend.


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