Meet Pearl!

 Pearl is now 3 years old. She was bought from a breeder when she was 9 wks old. At the time I took her home she was getting over a cold. I didn't know this was a bad sign. I already had my heart set on her after seeing her when she was 6 weeks. The cold turned into pneumonia when I brought her home. She required ongoing visits to the respiratory specialist at Animal medical Ctr. All the while I always thought there was something off about her... in fact I used to tell the vet I thought she was dumb. Then one day I came home from work and realized as she greeted me she wasn't looking at me. That's when I knew she was blind. I took her back to AMC and the opthamology service there confirmed she was blind...but it was not her eyes, it was neurological. Otherwise known as cortical blindness. I don't know how this happened. maybe the infection? Maybe they say hydracephalus. Maybe it was one evening when my friend was holding her and she jumped from her arms and fell to the floor? Without an MRI I will never know, but an MRI is really expensive and it won't change anything. Her sight is never going to come back.

It turns out she is a darling dog. And smart. They say blind dogs are often not that nice. Pearl is so passive and so sweet. She can turn up the diva dial too when she wants something. I probably spoil her more than the average because of her condition. But when I asked the vet "so what's the good news?" and he said "Pearl is very happy"... I realized that it was then my role to keep her happy. And so I have. People are often very sympathetic about her blindness which is very nice, but I have to reassure them that she has a great life. They feel bad... some cannot tolerate even the thought of it and others simply don't understand why I would have kept her. Its unfortunate that not everyone "gets it" She gives alot of love and affection.

Its not always easy but I love her like crazy. .

Story by: Pamela Margulies

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