Meet Peaches!

 My dog Peaches is 12 years old. I have had her since I was two. I grew up with her, and she is getting older every day. It saddens me that we have started having problems, and started having to take her to the vet. She started having trouble seeing, and very very fast her eyes gave out. Peaches can still see a little like blobs, but not much. She has trouble getting around the house she runs in to things. I am so sad because I am only 15 and she means a lot to me. I love her so much, and I don't want her to be blind at all.

I wish I could get her eyes fixed, but I can't. Its OK, because I still love her just as much as ever. We have done every thing can. We got a kennel so she does not hurt herself while we are asleep or gone, and we got her a rechadable leash. So that's what we do to cope.

If you have a blind dog just love him or her with ALL!!!!! your heart like I do, and hold on to them as long as you can. I hope you enjoyed my story!

Love, Jennifer

Sorry about spelling and stuff please use my story, and thank you for this web site, I found it looking for research about blind dogs.
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