Meet Nutterman!

 We found a 4 week old Schitzu on the side of a main road in South Australia. From the day we found him he has had numerous medical problems. At 3 months he had one eye removed after having severe ulceration from birth.
We have had him 3 years and love him more every day. After continual eye problems the second eye was removed at about 18 months. Right from the time we found him he has never settled sleeping at night. We have tried crating him in our room, and after about 2 weeks of lack of sleep we tried the laundry, which was fine for about 5 days. He has been sleeping in an enclosed garage with our Ridgeback and Silky Terrier, where he seems to be the most happy. During the day he is happy, plays, sleeps and is very settled, but as soon as nightfall he shakes, barks, and goes around in circles. We have tried Valium from the vet, Rescue remedy to try and calm him, but he still wakes during the night quite distressed. Out of the 3 years we have probably had about 20 uninterrupted nights of sleep. I am so lucky my husband loves him as much as I do. He has had such a bad start to his very short life, and we are willing to give him a better one, even though it means a few sacrifices to us.

We will continue to love him no matter what.

Story by Julie Newlands
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