Meet Myron!

 Myron's Story

A dumped, starving dog had a litter of puppies she was no longer able to care for after 4 weeks. We picked the little cross eyed pup and took him to the vet for his 1st vaccination 2 weeks later. To my horror the vet told me he was blind and recommended he be put to sleep. Refusing to listen, I took Myron to another vet, who confirmed his blindness but proceeded to give him his needles. This vet even suggested I take him to puppy pre-school.

Myron became a star at puppy pre-school. At just 8 weeks of age he could 'sit' and 'shake hands' on command. During this time, one of Myron's eyes started to swell and become painful. Our vet diagnosed Glaucoma and had to remove the eye. Myron quickly returned to his happy self after the sugery. Not long after the same thing happened to his remaining eye. Even after losing both eyes, Myron loves to play fetch with a tennis ball! He really is an amazing pooch.

When he was about 9 months old, we noticed that Myron was not playing like he used to. He constantly scratched himself and soon developed large bald patches all over his body. Myron underwent allergy tests that revealed he was allergic to dust and storage mites as well as other enviromental allergens. He now has to be injected with a special serum every three weeks to keep him comfortable.

Just when we thaught things were back to normal we were woken by a dreadful noise at 3am. We raced out of bed and found Myron collapsed, gasping for air. We thoght he was choking and we were shaking him and pounding him on the back. Suddenly he stopped and we had thought he had died. Then he awoke and walked around in a daze, crashing in to everything. The vet informed us that Myron was epileptic and put him on medication which reduces the seizures.

Despite his tough start in life, Myron is an inspiration to everyone who meets him. He is unstoppable and lives life to the full. He became a volunteeer comunity service dog, visiting nursing homes, hospitals and youth groups. He shows the kids that it's ok to be different and he shows those with health issues that they can still live an active busy lifestyle despite lifes little setbacks. Myron frequently appears at our local library for different promotional events and fundraisers, where he thoroughly enjoys showing off for a crowd. He has an impressive repertoir of tricks which includes an impersonation of a frog! Myron has taught us that with love - everything is possible.
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