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Moejo with foster dog Lilly

Moejo & Other Jade cuddling


My first story is of Moejo Reighn, my alter-ego. She is a 13 year old Saluki mix, and has been going blind since birth. I adopted her from a puppy-mill, not intending to even get a dog that day. But when I saw this beautiful brindle-colored baby my heart was hooked. She was about six months old then and spent the next year hiding under the couch.

To this day, I am unsure what happened to her before I came along that has scarred her so deeply. When Moejo was about 6 years old, she began tripping over stuff. I assumed, quite incorrectly, that she was just being careless and "dumb." At her annual check-up, the vet suspected that she was losing her sight. The eye specialists confirmed that she had hereditary retinal degeneration and it would just be a matter of time before she lost all of her sight in both eyes. I cried so hard thinking my baby would have a lesser life, but she has shown that nothing has changed except she walks a little more deliberately with her legs held higher (like a goose-step). She has since developed cataracts and was recently diagnosed with glaucoma. We closely monitor the health of her eyes and give her medication daily.

She is older now, but she stills chases her sisters simply by listening to their dog tags jingle. And she still goes hiking with everyone, and enjoys sunbathing, even in 90 plus degree heat. I am heart sick at the though that one day my perfect baby will cross over the rainbow bridge. But her life has been everything a seeing dog's life can be: one full of love and tail-wagging happiness.

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