The Many Wonderful Faces of Milo!

 Milo, the no-eyed, dog extraordinaire!!

Milo is a Jack Russell Terrier, born November 1995, with both eyes. We happen to be Milo's 3rd owner. The first family got him for their kids because of the movie "Mask", where there was a JRT named Milo in the movie. They soon found out what JRT's are about and couldn't handle him. Then, Milo was on to the 2nd family, who soon got divorced and couldn't keep him. I was lucky enough to work with the man getting the divorce and I lovingly adopted Milo! That was May 1999.

Milo is our only child. He is spoiled and very well loved. Milo and I used to jog together. He was up to 10 miles at a time. So much energy in such a small dog. I know my neighbors laughed every time they saw us out jogging. The exercise really helped calm him down at home.

Spring 2002, we put our house up for sell and started building a new home. Milo went to live with my parents, out of state, while we sold our house. While at his grandparents house, Milo started waking up with green stuff in his eyes and sometimes they would be glued shut. Grandma would hold warm wash clothes over them till they opened. At first they thought he just had a "cold" in his eyes. He was taken to a Vet, who thought maybe he scratched his eye with a branch during one of his 'terror' moments in the backyard. Eye drops were given.

By the time I got Milo back in Jan. 2003, he was very lethargic and holding his right eye shut all the time. He just wasn't himself. It was so hard to see him this way. The eye was swollen and lots of stuff coming out of it. I immediately took him to my Vet, where they said he has Glaucoma and prescribed drops. The Vet said come back in a few days if it doesn't get any better. Well, it got worse!! When I returned, I saw a new, young, just out of college, Vet, who immediately saw that the lens was floating around!! It had detached. Within a couple of hours I was sent to the U of MN vet hospital. They diagnosed, Luxation of the lens. Our options were to remove the lens and hope that the eye doesn't infect, could have to do medications and possible removal of eye later OR just remove the eye now. We chose to remove the eye.

We tried to save the other eye by putting in drops to keep the pressure down. But, 6 months later, I woke to a dog stumbling around the house. He was BLIND. I knew the lens had separated. I tearfully woke my husband to let him know, it had happend. We cried and cried. Trying to figure out how we were going to afford another eye removal. The first cost over $1000. It just didn't seem like we could do it again. I asked my parents for help and they just thought maybe it was time for Milo to go to "Doggy Heaven". I was pained deeply! Milo was only 7 years old, still very young for a little dog. I knew he had many years left in him. So I got on the phone and called every vet in my area. I soon found out that the U of MN Vet Hospital is the most expensive place to go. I found a vet, who removed Milo's last eye for only $300.

Now, we have our very special, No-Eyed Dog!! Within a day or so Milo was back to his old self! Hyper, loud and crazy!! We are so blessed to have this little guy. He makes me laugh and smile every day.

The kids I work with were so interested in his story that I started bringing him in to the school. I soon wrote a children's book about him to share with the kids. From there, it just snow balled. We now visit day cares, schools and nursing homes. We've been in several local newspapers and on TV. Milo has his own product line and fan club!! He is a local super star!

Milo may not jog with me any more, but he sprints up and down the stairs like always. He is the light of my life and reminds me to not sweet the small stuff! He really does see the world thru his heart, not his eyes.

You can see more about Milo and his life at:
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