Who Says Chows Aren't Working Dogs? Meet Merlin!
Once again, we'd like to let you know why BLIND CHOWS RULE!!!!

   Yesteday, many of you were keeping your fingers and paws crossed for MeiMei's big Rescue Debut. Here we are setting out this morning for our Water Work exercise in rescue. Mei Mei's all primed up and ready to go! Once again, Merlin has graciously volonteered to play the VICTIM. (Such a good chow chow he is!)

   Our shining star of the day: Miss MeiMei Vigelais Mikkimotto Brave and courageous beyond words!
Primed and ready to go forth and save the world from evil. A rare glimpse at a true star......

   As you can see the weather is more than co-operating as both heros set out being towed behind the tow boat into the murky depths of danger.

   The shore line is getting farther and farther away as the level of danger increases. The adrenalin is high, and everyone is chomping at the bit! Both parties are rehearsing their important roles over and over making sure they play their part flawlessly, with perfect execution.

   Now, halfway into the middle of deep, dark, ominous lake, both parties are gearing up for the maiden PEI-rescue performance.
All is quiet, bets are placed, media holding breathe, all is still, and the cameras are rolling as; MEI MEI is given her command to BRING THE BOAT BACK TO SHORE!!!

Command: Don't just stare at us, come back here MeiMei! - Jump in Dear, Come on, you can do it!

   Director yells "ACTION"" Holy Smokes ! Major upset - BUT WHAT'S THIS ?? - THE CHOW IS JUMPING INTO THE WATER!! (Oh My Gosh!)
In a stunning display of masculin, macho, bravado, Merlin decides to take the helm and save his little sister MeiMei ?!?!?!?

   HANG ON MEIMEI - I'LL SAVE YOU! As MeiMei continues to comtemplate what to do, Blind Chow Merlin, unbelievably swan-dives into the cold, deep, dark water, blindly navigates and tows the boat and the stage frightened Shar-PEI, 50 meters back to shore in record time!

What a stunning upset for the Shar-PEI world!

   MeiMei CLEARLY embarassed by being out done by a blind chow, asks the director for another "TAKE".
We willingly oblige and re-take the shot. Here goes MeiMei one more time!

   And does MeiMei come through??? YES!!! Why YES!!! She jumps into the deep, dark, perilous waters to save the day!


 ( a little late... but none the matter..... )


   MeiMei - determined to carry out her charge, reaches the shoreline in good order with absolute determination!!! (After all MeiMei is only ONE little, tiny year old).... it's a lot to expect all this from a baby pei-ling.


Well, everyone's had a big morning. It's back to the drawing board but we all made progress. Clearly the man below is the hero of the day! Our little blind chow chow Merlin! What A Guy! What a chowy moment in history!... and who says that chows aren't Working Dogs ?!?!? .... and YES he got LOADS of hugs and cookies! (so did pei-ling)  
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