Maxie (SARDS 2003) has just crossed the bridge 5/13/06. We euthanized her because she seemed to have a dental infection and stopped eating, and a second opinion pointed to liver disease. She was 15 years old. We were distraught when we discovered she was suddenly blind. She had extremely keen vision and there were no telltale signs of change. One day we saw her walk into a wall and that triggered our investigation. We discovered there was a disease called SARDS and that she had it. After going to a Veterinary Ophthalmologist for confirmation, we sought all information available on what to do next. We found out about mapping and that vision is not a primary sense for dogs. We also noted that Maxie was beginning to get around the house pretty well without incident. However, she seemed lethargic and was never really as energetic as before. She was with us for three years with SARDS and while it was an emotional roller coaster for us we would do it all over again just to have her with us again. We know that the difficult decision we made was the best one for her. We loved her too much to watch her suffer just to selfishly have her with us longer. I hope that there is an answer found for SARDS and some preventative process developed. But we believe that these furbabies are even more special for seeing us with their hearts.

Jose & Angel
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