Lucy July 2004

Lucy & Holly October 2004

Trying out their Doggles

Lucy watching TV (blind)

Lucy playing football (blind)



If you've never known a Jack Russell Terrier a.k.a. JRT's or even my favorite term, Jack Russell "Terrorist"... they are usually not as calm as Lucy *appears* to be in her picture! People used to say to me, "Boy... Lucy looks like a handful!" and I'd say, "Nope -- Lucy is two handfuls... but we just adore her!"

My husband picked Lucy out in January 2002, as a surprise for me... just two weeks after we lost our sweet 15 year old Cocker/Beagle Millie, to heart failure. I really wasn't ready for a new dog, but Lucy was ours. If I had any ideas about not being "ready" for her, Lucy made sure I never had a moment of peace to give that even a thought!

I do have to say Lucy is the funniest dog I've ever met! Even when she is trying her best to make me crazy, she is always just like the class clown, and there is no way possible to get mad at her! When Lucy was almost 2 1/2 years old I finally got brave enough to adopt a 2nd dog friend for Lucy. We adopted a 14 week old Rat Terrier named Holly from a local rescue organization, and Lucy and Holly hit it off right away... and are the very best of friends.

In September of 2004, just two months after we adopted Holly, Lucy suddenly went totally blind from SARDS (sudden acquired retinal degeneration) and we were in total shock to learn that a dog could literally go blind overnight. We soon learned that we humans were the only ones feeling so sad. Lucy didn't feel sorry for herself one bit.. and adapted to blindness in only a few days. Having adopted Holly turned out to be such a blessing... and I feel so much better knowing that Lucy always has Holly with her, even when we can't be.

Lucy still "watches TV" (always one of her favorite things) with her "ears" listening for dogs walking or barking. We have her favorite show, an agility dog championship, recorded, and she runs up to the TV and jumps in the air barking (shown in picture at the left) and is always ready to cheer on her agility dog friends... just like the old times when she could see them!

Lucy learned to run full speed ahead at the off-leash dog park with the other dogs, just by staying on the inside of the group, and listening to their tags to know where she is, and where she is headed. She still plays fetch with a ball, or Frisbee and "sniffs" them out just fine 95% off the time. If she has any trouble, Holly is right there to bring the ball or Frisbee to Lucy... like the wonderful friend she is!

Lucy & Holly are both amazing dogs... and we are so very proud of our girls!

Watch videos of Lucy & her seeing-eye sister Holly.

Story by Karen Goodale


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