Meet Lucas!

I adopted Lucas, a five year-old Golden Retriever shortly after my 15 year-old retriever had passed on. He arrived with a sack full of problems and he eventually went blind. However, he is a great, great dog and has found a place in the house without any problems. We recently (my girlfriend, a four year-old husky and myself) moved to a house with steps, stairs and a swimming pool that just can't be covered. After falling in twice he avoids the area during the day (I think he sees some of the blue…) and sleeps indoors at night. His husky companion has no pity on him but they make a good team. Sade is quite lively but Lucas has chilled her out. Lucas follows the clinking noise Sade's chain makes and they tend to sleep together.
Lucas is a wonderful example of how a dog can cope with blindness as long as he accompanied, attended to and that the person who walks him remembers to guide him over rough terrain, curbs etc.

Story by Brendan
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