Meet Lizzie!

Lizzie Sleeping


This is Lizzie a 16 year old Yorkshire terrier. Because of her old age she has developed cataracts which has left her completely blind, she is also deaf and can only hear loud noises.


Lizzie has adapted to her new life really well and finds her way around the house by rubbing past walls and furniture so that she knows where she is. She does bump into things so we have had to put barriers around the house so she doesn’t hurt herself. Lizzie tends to sleep most of the day but she does wake up when she smells food! She has still got a healthy appetite.

Lizzie senses when were about and greets us when we come home, she still likes a lot love and affection from us.


Lizzie doesn’t go for walks these days but she likes to have a leisurely stroll around the garden.


We also have her daughter Sascha that lives with us, she likes to look after her mum and often gets into Lizzie’s basket to keep her company and they always sleep together at night. Lizzie doesn’t like her blanket untidy though and she will bark to let us know when she needs it straightening out.

Story by Janine Hunt

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