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Kona – 8 yr old Blind Siberian Husky – Male Neutered


I was working outside of Dallas Texas running the spay/neuter clinic for The Humane Society of The United States and many knew I had and loved Siberian Huskies.

One day I got a call asking if I would take a blind or partially blind Siberian. At first I was very reluctant but after thinking it over I said I would. This was in 2006. It seemed this almost
blind dog was roaming the streets outside of Dallas, TX. I cannot image how he survived and it seemed someone dumped him. Being without sight and being a Siberian I am amazed they were able to catch him at all, but I guess the sights issue made him more dependent on humans.

Kona arrived along with his rescuer and he was very nervous as was expected. He would cower when you reached to pet him so I learned to wait for him to come and sniff me and that seemed to work well. Kona got along with my Siberian girl Bryson and my Border collie rescue Ladd. Kona had both eyes at the time of our adopting him and my vet said as long as he did not seemed bothered by the left eye which was bulging, we would not take it out. A few years went by and it seems he was rubbing it more and we decided it was time to remove the eye as the pressure behind it may be hurting him. After the surgery you could tell right away he felt better so we did the right thing. It only took about two days and we took of the e-collar, he recovered well. The funny thing was my rescue rough collie, Collin used to lick Kona’s eye all the time and Kona seemed to enjoy it. Collin was surprised to not find and eye He tried each day to clean it and finally gave up. Dogs are funny! Time moved on and Kona learned words we worked on such as “step up, careful, wait, and stay”. All words to keep him safe. Life has been a bit of a challenge for us but overall we lead a normal life, Kona goes hiking off lead in safe places now that we are back in our home, Vermont. He is sweet, healthy and I will never regret adopting this boy. Thank you for your site and I hope others thinking of adopting a blind
dog will not hesitate. They have some special needs, but they are not much more work than having a sighted dog.

Thank you. Jan, Kona the Siberian and the rest of our pack!

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