Meet Kissy!

Kissy with her "seeing eye" brother Walter
 A year ago last December, a good friend who raised and showed cockers asked us to take Kissy and give her a good home, as she was losing her sight. The friend had purchased this little girl out of Florida, and was showing her, winning every time, had 12 points. Then one day she started running into things, and that is when we discovered that she had juvenile cataracts, and had to be pulled out of the show ring.

We already had a gorgeous silver cocker named Walter, and had not planned on getting another dog. We travel quite a bit, and didn't know how Kissy would adjust to motel rooms and family homes. Well, we needn't have worried, cause she does great. She listens for the jingle of Walter's tags, and follows him. We joke about him being her "seeing eye dog". For stairs, I've taught her, up, down, careful and I also say stairs coming up. If we have rain and water stands in back yard, I say "no, no, water" and she turns back to me. She knows her way around house and back yard very well, and very rarely bumps into anything now.

Each July, we have a birthday party with a theme, hats, and Frosty paws ice cream. We usually have 7-9 cockers, 3 schnauzers, a collie, and a couple of dashounds come play. Last years theme was south of the border, so she has on her sombrero, and this year's theme was America which I made the hats for each dog, plus they wore flag scarfs.

Can you tell, we love our babies, and they are spoiled rotten. I have to say, I've not regretted taking her in and having her around us, one bit. She is one special little girl.
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