Meet Hiro!


Just wanted to share our story about our 1-1/2 yr old Peke, Hiro. We adopted Hiro at age 1 yr from a great local rescue, Midwest Small Breed Rescue. We were familiar with this organization as we had recently adopted an 8 yr old shih ztu as well.

While "surfing" their site for available dogs I came across a photo of that time he was recovering from dual eye surgery and still had visible stitches and the cone on his head. He was adorable and his story tugged at my heart immediately. He was rescued from a commercial breeding facility and at the time of rescue his eyes were so diseased that he underwent surgery ASAP and had them both removed.

Of course he was listed as "special needs" on the site.......he had no eyes. That didn't matter to my husband and I.....we wanted to meet him and introduce him meet our two shih ztus and see how they would coexist. We planned on keeping him for a "sleepover" and go from there. Well that was 6 months ago......we adore this little man. He does everything our other dogs do......any path that Thor and Sweet P take, Hiro can take. His sense of smell and hearing is amazing......he is truly incredible. We weren't sure what to expect, would we have to have lead this pup to his food, carry him everywhere? We didn't know. Well, those worries were unfounded........he plays and chases the other dogs in and outside of the house......can find me anywhere, has no problem finding his food AND the other dog's food:):):) He jumps on and off the couch, jumps on the bed with the help of an ottoman, chases birds in the yard, loves laying out in the sun.

Hiro is sooooo loved and soooo loving. Everyone who meets him falls for him instantly........this dog has a great life and adds sooooo much happiness to ours.

Story by Heather Snyder

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