Gabriel is shown here in the dirt yard where he was rescued in Wyoming in July 2004.
 Gabriel was born on July 4th, 2004, born blind & probably deaf, the product of a deliberate merle to merle breeding. 3 Puppies in the litter prior to his were destroyed by the breeder because they were "lethal white" the term refers to the fact that to be a white australian shepherd is a death sentence. If the pup isn't killed (culled) by the breeder, it will go to a shelter where it will be destroyed because it is deaf or blind or both.

Somehow the breeder's wife in Wyoming got my name in South Carolina and asked me to rescue the baby. That baffles me to this day, and I must believe in a divine intervention. Of course, my heart was ripped out when I saw the broken hearted baby's face. The miracle of my BlindDogs family who raised money from all over the world, to the goodness of AnimalRescueER, and Charmaine Fedick who donated her Frequent Flyer miles, saved this precious baby's life.

Gabriel lives with Karen Anderson in South Carolina now, not harmed by his weeks of isolation and deprivation, and has finished his vaccines, and attended puppy classes. We are thrilled at his life's prospects... and Gabriel along with sister Allicks attend rescue events with "Mom" Karen Anderson, to educate the public about "lethal whites" and how terrific these dogs are.

Gabriel is showcased on Handicapped Pets and every visit to his story there earns funds for an animal cause. Please visit often... and I hope Gabriel's story moves you as it has me.

Karen Anderson, Allicks, Gabriel, Ambrr & St. Jude
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