Meet Frankie!

Frankie as a baby (left)

A very relaxed Frankie!

Handsome Frankie today!


The story of Frankie ... 2 years ago a very special little dog was born. He is known to us as Frankie .. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. In this case, we have to look beyond the eyes. Frankie has beautiful eyes .. And even though he can't see through them in the conventional sense .. he "sees" more then we will even know.

Named after Morris Frank .. the first American to use a dog guide (Buddy) and subsequently established the first dog guide school in America. "Our" Frankie has heart unparalled. He has been been truely amazing to live with, love and learn from. He shows the world every day that dogs with supposed disabilities can live full and productive lives.

At only 9 weeks of age this little pup found himself in the care of rescue. Frankie was born April 10th, 2003, a happy healthy puppy, as time went by he did all the regular things puppies do, learned to walk, wrestled with his brothers and sisters, and explored his new world in general. However .. little Frankie did all this in the dark -- as he was born blind.

When his "breeder" suspected Frankie couldn't see she took him to the local vet where it was determined that the pup had no sight. That was the last anyone saw of the woman responsible for bringing Frankie into this world. When the clinic contacted her to come pick Frankie up they were told to euthanize him as there was no way she could sell a blind pup. The staff and the Vet at the clinic had by this time completely fallen in love with Frankie and couldn't imagine putting a healthy happy puppy to sleep simply because he was blind.

The clinic kept Frankie for 2 weeks .. trying to find a home for him -- but no one wanted a little blind puppy .. Frankie's chances were not looking good and the clinic staff were faced with the realization that they might have to euthanize this pup they had worked so hard to save. Fortunately one of the staff members called Adopt-a-Rott and 3 days later little Frankie was in the arms of his 2 new foster moms ... myself and the president of the rescue Dagmar.

This little dogs personality and heart amazed us all and fate would have it that he was meant to be mine ... so I adopted him.

There isn't anything this boy can not do .. he runs offleash in the conservation with the other dogs, he works booths at shows for the rescue, he participates in Rally O and obedience - we are working towards getting his CD title. . Skys the limit my "Furter Love". Most importantly Frankie makes my heart smile every day, he is spoiled, a brat, but incredibly kind and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Thank you for being there to share this special little guy with. Here's some pics .. Frankie as a baby .. then some from today ..

Yours in Rescue and Frankie's Mum,
Lorrie Harvie

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