Meet Daisy!


My name is Lynn, and on August 20, 2008 my partner and I adopted Daisy, a blind Jack Russell mix. Daisy was found by the side of the highway in Akron OH. She was picked up and taken to a local police station where she stayed for a few days until Melissa heard of her case and picked her up. I saw Melissa's ad to adopt Daisy and called immediately.e had to have her eyes removed due to the pressure and pain the condition was creating for her, and she now has prosthetic eyes.

Daisy is adapting extremely well. The largest contribution to her adaption was when It was suggested that I put jingle bells on my shoes so Daisy could locate me. Daisy loves to play fetch, I throw her ball through the grass so she can hear it and in true Jack Russell fashion, she's all over that ball..

Someone trained Daisy well, she knows basic commands such as sit, laydown, how to play fetch, she's housebroken and clearly has been loved. For the first week I did everything I could to locate someone who might be missing Daisy. No Luck. I just couldn't believe someone wouldn't be looking for this sweet girl.

My dog of 11 years named Raspberry (below) passed away suddenly from masses in his spleen that then ruptured. I missed him very much and believe Daisy was sent to me so we could take care of each other.


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