Meet Cowboy "Cowby" Moon!


My Sweet Cowby went blind over about an 18 month period starting when she was 10. I was lucky to notice it right when it started (beginning with a series of corneal ulcers) so we have adapted together. Now she sees motion, light and shadows, and she can 'see' me (at least it looks like it!) , but she bumps into things and is 100% blind in the dark. The eating phenomenon is so strange, and it really has been comforting to read others' similar experiences.

The biggest problem I have is that my house has 15 outdoor/concrete steps that we have to navigate several times a day. Cowby is 12, with some arthritis in her hips, and I am concerned that she will slip. Any thoughts for how to "rough up" the concrete stairs so she can have better traction - without totally ruining them (I will sell and move to someplace flat as soon as the economy changes!) I appreciate any help you might have.

Cowby had one clear blue eye and one brown eye when I rescued her 9 years ago. I included some before and some after photos...People stop her all the time and say what pretty eyes she has - now they are sort of an opalescent pale blue. A lot of people feel sorry for her - but I tell them she is just great...dogs adapt a whole lot better and faster and smarter than people I bet. I have another dog, and she takes care of her all the time, it's very sweet.

I choose to believe that Cowby sees the world like a beautiful, blurry watercolor. How lovelyl

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