Meet Hope & Chewie

Seeing eye friends are the best!
 We have been blessed to have two magnificent, precious blind dogs in our lives. Both dogs came from the same shelter, and both were scheduled for euthanasia. My friend works at the shelter and apprised me of these special angels.

Chewie came to us in 1998. He is a long-haired daschund, and his owner died. No one in her family wanted a blind dog, so they took him to the shelter, where they took excellent care of him, and tried very hard to find a home for him. We already had two dogs (a lab and a golden retriever), but we welcomed Chewie with open arms (as did they did, with open "paws").

In 2004 I got another call from my friend that they found a blind chihuahua in a dumpster. The folks at the shelter named her "Hope", as she was so sweet, they hoped she would find a home. She did....OURS....and she is a little doll baby. By then, our labrador had passed away (she was 14), and our golden retriever actually became a "seeing eye dog" to Hope, as he had done for Chewie several years before. Chewie and Hope immediately became best friends, and have been inseparable ever since. In fact, before we got Hope, Chewie needed tranquilizers to handle storms, but now, he just lays next to Hope and is very calm. When they walk, it's as if they're "velcro'd" together!

Sadly, our golden passed away last year (he, too was 14), so our two blind dogs are our "children" (our children are grown now.)

We are very, very blessed, and will now only have blind dogs in our lives. They ask for so little, and give back so much!

God bless you all!
Alan and Jane Noelte
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