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Oh so cozy by the fireplace!

Catarina with sister Lilly

Catarina with her daddy


Catarina's Story of Rags to Riches

Hello everyone my name is Catarina. I was named after a character in one of the Shakespearean tales. Of a young girl that went from 'rags' to 'riches'. That name could not be any more true for me! I did indeed come from rags to riches, I feel like I have anyway. I also believe in life after death, because I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.

You see, I was once on death row. In a cold, unfriendly place where we all felt trapped. We were all lonely and in great need. Some of us had been there a pretty long time and, me, like others, had ran out of time. It was getting close to my last day. I do not even remember why I was there. I was just there. What made it even worse is that I am sightless, yes, I am blind. We do not know why I am blind though. Some say it was from severe head trauma. But we may never know, because I just do not want to remember.

Then, a wonderful rescue worker named Stacie Hamer/Atsila Ball saw me (I'll never forger their names). There in the back of a little cage, all alone, stiff with fear. I will never forget them or their loving hands that got me out and told me that I was going to be OK. That they was going to take me home and get me a new, loving, forever home. Yes, I was in a kill shelter, they call it, because when you go in a place like that you usually do not come out alive. But, I was one of the lucky ones. They found me! Well, she (Stacie) took me home just like she promised. I just loved it there!

But, there were other plans for me. Little did I know that this wonderful person was going to make things even better for me. I met my new mommy one night and we just fell in love. She held me and then I knew that I was truly loved. Something that I had not felt in a long time. But even though I had been through so much, I had not lost my ability to love and to feel loved.

Speaking of love, I love my milk bones too. No one can mess with my milk bones but my mommy. When you touch the box I come running ninety miles an hour, through the house, around the corner and there I am...waiting. I love to cuddle and be by my mommy. I also love my den bed... that is where I run and enjoy my wonderful milk bones.

I get along with everyone. If I can smell ya'...I love ya'...One of my favorite things to do is play with my sister, Sadie. I love alot of things...I love life...I love my family....I love my milk bones and yes I love those people that put me in that awful, cold place. Because if I had not been there I would not be where I am today. Sometimes one has to go through some pretty deep waters to find happiness. And HAPPINESS I have found!

Thank you for listening to my story and KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MILK BONES!

PS. Come to find out the wonderful person that I live with is none other than one of those wonderful faces I saw 'that day'. Most people call her something like Acheelah....

Story by: Atsila' (ah chee lah)

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