Meet Bumper!

Bumper with friend Roxie


Bumper was rescued along with two siblings by Friends of Feral Felines in Henderson Nevada. The dogs were roaming the highway in Searchlight. The mother was hit and dead on the road. One of the siblings was hit and had a broken hip, but survived. He was terrified of people and wouldn't come out of his cage at the vet's office. My Bumper, was fine, however. He probably stayed off the road because he is frightened by car noise.

Bumper was born blind. He doesn't know any different. I don't know how the heck he navigates the way he does. You'd swear he could see. I have two theories. One is that he has an acute mental map of the property. The other is that his sense of hearing and touch are hyper-developed and he feels the sound waves bouncing back off objects.

You can see videos of Bumper here -- so please stop by and learn more about Bumper!

Story of Bumper: Joanie Spina

Note: Joanie Spina is also a filmmaker, and has made several documentaries on the pet overpopulation problem. Her website which offers numerous video clips to view and share. Please visit and/or link to: Warning... sad and graphic.

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