Meet Boomer!

 Boomer is a tri-color beagle that has been a part of our family since 2000. Boomer has had many mishaps in life, but the biggest obstacle for him has been going though the pain of losing his sight and then losing his eyes. He developed glaucoma with complications, and to keep him healthy and without pain we had to proceed with the enucleation of both eyes. The cost was high, but he is a member of the family that needed medical attention. We guided him while he was healing, but he soon got around on his own.

Right before he lost his sight completely, we got another puppy, Brandi, who acts as Boomer’s friend, eyes, and “guide dog.” People are amazed at how well Boomer gets around! His sense of smell has gotten keener, his hearing is sharper and he uses his sense of touch to know when he is veering off, though he still bumps into things occasionally. He looks like your favorite stuffed animal that has lost its eyes and you just want to hug him!

I submitted Boomer as a candidate for the Missouri Humane Society’s Bark in Park Mascot Contest and he won! We are so excited to participate in this fundraiser event to help homeless pets. We are so proud of Boomer and he is looking forward to leading the walk and barking for a good cause!

I have joined DogBone on Facebook for Boomer and Brandi and started a new group for Blind dogs. I will be posting links to your site and other sites that give support, information and products for blind dogs.

Story by Michelle Hylton
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