Meet Bella

Hello, My name is Leidy and this is my pit-bull terrier mix Bella. Bella is missing her left eye and the vision in her right eye is severely impaired due to cataracts. The way Bella came into the lives of myself and my boyfriend could only be described as destiny. I had joined a pit-bull awareness fan page on Face book as I am an avid pit-bull lover and advocate. The day after I joined the fan page someone posted a picture of this happy beautiful 1 eyed pit-bull that had been recently rescued. I fell for her big goofy smile immediately and turned to my boyfriend and told him I wanted this dog. Being a dog lover himself he told me if I could figure out how to get her we could have her. Having decided I would do anything to bring this dog home I looked a bit more into her situation. Turns out Bella had been rescued from an animal hoarders home in Tennessee. Of the more than 30 animals that were rescued from this home Bella was one of 4 that was well enough to put up for adoption the rest had to be euthanized. Having learned that she was in Tennessee my boyfriend and I had to decide what to do as we live in Massachusetts. In the mist of trying to decide when we could fly or drive down to pick her up we received the news that she had been red-listed. What this basically means for anyone that isn't familiar is that she had been at the shelter for so long that unless she was taken home soon she would be euthanized. We didn't know what to do as we didn't think we could make it down soon enough to save her. Thankfully the shelter volunteer that had posted her picture and information was willing to bring her to her home for 2 weeks while we got down to Tennessee. After deciding that we were going to drive to pick her up we headed out. It took us 20 hours of driving to get to her and another 20 hours of driving to bring her home. The moment I saw her face though I knew the drive was worth it. She was friendly and happy and although she had an open wound on the pad of her paw from being neglected by her previous owner and she could barely see she gave me a million kisses after I gave her a cookie. I was nervous about the drive because I didn't want her to be stressed but she was an angel the entire drive. She just laid down in the back seat and was calm. It was like she knew she was going to her forever home. Having gotten her home she settled in like she had lived there forever. We later learned that she would need surgery in order to avoid her losing her other eye so we are in the process of raising the funds to have her surgery done.

I want to just say that having a blind rescued dog has changed my way of thinking and my life in so many ways. She has taught me more about myself than I ever thought a dog could and she has captured the hearts of everyone that she meets. She makes me smile with all her innocence and love and I can honestly say that not a day goes by that I am not thankful to the volunteer who posted her information on that page and saved such a wonderful dog.
Story by Leidy Parra

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