Meet Amber!

Amber Sleeping
Amber is my 5 year old Jack Russell she was misdiagnosed as having an eye infection when in fact she was experiencing an early onset of Glaucoma. By the time the vet discovered it she was already 97 percent blind in her right eye. I opted to have the eye removed and a prosthetic eye put in, so she would at least feel like there was something there, and would feel somewhat normal. I just couldn't stitch the socket shut she was too smart, and I thought that would break her spirit because she would have known something was definitely wrong then.

She is losing her sight in her left eye now but she is a champ you would never know that she is living with a disability, I don't even think she knows it to be honest with you. I am extremely proud of her and how triumphant she has been in this battle. She has a younger sister, so in a way, I think that has helped her to have her buddy around.

Anyway we take things day by day and just keep trucking along. Thank you for having a site dedicated to these situations so many people it seems think that their dog being blind is the end of the world but actually it is just the beginning of a new one.
Amber with her buddy
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