Meet Alex!
 We are the Dugan's. In May of 2008 we decided to adopt a blind beagle by the name of Alex. Alex is a sweet little dog. Alex is three years old and has quite a story! When Alex was only a year old he was hit by a car on top of his blindness. In February 2008 Alex came to Angel Ridge Animal Rescue from a shelter in Ohio. Angel Ridge is a No-Kill Shelter and they take in dogs with all kinds of needs.

As for Alex he is living in our home. It is at times hard for us to understand what he is feeling. We're so thankful and blessed to have him in our home! We are currently trying to help him to achieve his goal of riding in the car. We love taking him places. He is a really calm dog but when it comes to riding in the car he gets scared a lot. Probabily b/c most of the time he is confused of where he is at. But we're working on that!

Alex is our little BABY!
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