Skidboot was one of the most amazing dogs of all time. He was a grand-prize winner on The Animal Planet's Pet Star, performed on Oprah, Jay Leno, Inside Edition and many other shows and events around the country. This heart-warming segment is from Texas Country Reporter, with Bob Phillips. Later in life, Skidboot lost his sight, but never his spirit!
Riddle is a Border Collie that was born with no eyes, but you'd never guess he can't see by watching this amazing video! 
Rhyme is another Border Collie that just arrived in rescue the night before this video was filmed. At first, he was very frightened of the other dogs, snapping and snarling. But now...well watch!
Myron was born with no eyes, but will amaze you with his fetching abilities!
Megan was born blind.. but is lucky to have her own special "seeing eye" sister Millie!
Lucy the Jack Russell Terrier shows that blind dogs still have plenty of fun, and Lucy's funny antics will give you plenty of chuckles too!
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